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Supreme Master TV- leading the way into an exciting era of constructive media.

There seems to be plenty of media that focuses on the negative news that seems to be unfortunately never ending. Many commentators are almost obsessed with the current financial crisis and the worldwide government attempts to fix the problem.

One media outlet- Supreme Master TV, stands out from the crowd, providing an alternative for people who are searching for real and lasting solutions for a better world. Supreme Master TV presents constructive news programs, focused on the most urgent issue facing our planet- climate change.

Climate change is real and is happening at a frightening pace and the fastest way to halt this growing problem is to stop all meat and dairy consumption.  The huge amounts of methane in the atmosphere, which is derived from animal agriculture is destroying the planet and endangering life as we know it.

Supreme Master Television is a 24 hour,  7 day per week, free-to-air television station available via satellite and also streams online. The programs give people the tools to firstly become informed about the facts on global warming and then how to take positive and constructive action to help solve the problem.

The vegan solution solves the climate change problem in the fastest possible way. Livestock is the single largest source of methane emissions. Methane can be quickly removed from the atmosphere, much faster than CO2. It has been estimated that more than 50% of global warming comes from animal agriculture, but it is probably much higher.

There are many other constructive medias such as James Bean’s Spiritual Awakening Radio and Veggie Vision who are providing people with a real alternative to the mainstream media.

To watch Supreme Master TV, go to

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