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Vegan 101 with Joanne Rose

Joanne Rose is an Australian born actress based in LA, USA. She is the founder of Vegan Vision. We caught up with Joanne recently to find out more about her journey to veganism and her work.

How long have you been vegan and what prompted you to make the switch to an animal-free diet?

I became vegan in 1994 back when there weren’t alot of products available or as accessible as they are today. I was vegetarian for a short while prior to becoming vegan. I was always a huge animal lover. It wasn’t until my teens that I learned the realities of the meat and dairy industry. I vowed there and then to go vegan.

2.What words of encouragement would you give to people who are thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan but are a bit unsure?

I would encourage them to act from the heart. If you want to live a cruelty free existence, veganism is the way. To truly value life and strive for a healthier planet to benefit all living kind, you are doing so much by going vegan.

3.We hear in the media and from many sources that we are facing a critical moment in history. Climate change and food and water shortages are just some of the issues facing humanity as a whole. Is it possible that if people switch to a vegan diet they could help solve these problems?

Making the choice to go vegan would certainly help solve alot of the problems we are facing today.

4.What is your favourite vegan recipe?

I love big tasty colorful salads topped with avacado, walnuts and tahini dressing, followed by a Thai coconut (aka young coconut) for dessert.

5.What is the vision of Vegan Vision and your series Vegan 101? Anything exciting coming up in 2010?

Vegan Vision is a Film/TV production company I founded to write and produce positive media projects. We certainly need more inspirational entertainment out there. Vegan 101 is a comedic web series offering witty and some times screw ball humor. I wanted to play with real life encounters many of us vegans have faced and highly exaggerate them in a comical sense. Laughter is so important. We need to keep strong and hopeful. Too often we become so focused on the doom and gloom of the world. I have some very exciting projects coming up in 2010. I am shooting new episodes of Vegan 101 in Los Angeles, there will be the official release of my vegan children’s book, Tommy Tofu Saves The Day. I am hosting an event in March for the Green Lifestyle Film Festival in Los Angeles, as their official spokesperson.

6.Who inspires you and why?

River Phoenix is my greatest vegan inspiration. Through my admiration of his work, I learned more about what a vegan was in interviews he did. I am also inspired by comedic genius, Ricky Gervais. I love his hilarious take on serious things in life.

7.What is your favourite vegan beauty product? Any beauty tips you would like to share with us?

My favorite vegan beauty product would be the vegan items at Lush. I love their Baby Face Cleansing Bar, Love Lettuce Mask and irresistable Karma perfume. As for beauty tips, I swear by 8 – 10 glasses of water a day, vegan lifestyle, yoga, pilates, sunblock, laughter, adopting a rescue animal (I adopted a rescue cat – a Chinchilla Persian a couple of years ago in Los Angeles – she is my world).


For more information about Joanne’s projects see: Vegan 101 can be viewed here!

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