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Raw vegan athlete Freelee reveals her beauty, fitness and health tips.


Freelee is a raw vegan athlete who hosts several websites which aim to inspire and educate people about the raw food lifestyle. Freelee recently shared with us some of that knowledge and inspiration.

1. What are the health benefits of following a low fat raw vegan diet?   What are the beauty benefits?

* Clear skin, great digestion, increased energy and endurance, quick recovery from exercise, brings candida back to balance,
weight controlled easily,heightened mental clarity and enhanced spiritual presence.

Beauty benefits…
* Clear skin, strong nails, clear eyes, attractive skin tone, smooth skin, silky hair

2. What advice would you give someone who wanted to go raw vegan but had doubts about the protein level?

I actually make sure I don’t get TOO much protein, why? Because too much protein in our bodies, especially from animal sources results in an over acidic environment forcing the body to leach calcium from the bones & teeth to ‘buffer’ the acidity. The resulting conditions are arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth-decay & cancer to name a few. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends 10% and under is more than sufficient to meet our daily protein requirements. There isn’t even a medical terminology for “protein deficiency”! (marasmus and kwashiorkor refer to caloric deficiency).

There is absolutely no need for animal products in one’s diet, plant foods contain all 8 essential amino acids required for optimal health.
Plants are the only foods eaten by elephants, horses, and hippos – do you see them having a problem growing all the muscle, bone, and tissue they need?

3. Do you have a daily fitness routine? How important do you think exercise is for optimum health?

Yes I do have a daily exercise routine, which varies depending on where I am living. Generally I run 4-5 mornings a week, ride a few times a week and maybe dance or do yoga once a week. Since being low fat raw vegan (LFRV) I have set personal bests in my running. I once rode across Australia solo on my bicycle, over 3000kms.  That taught me a thing or two!

Having a fitness routine is an absolutely vital component in achieving optimal health. When I’m having a challenge finding my personality I go out for a run. Exercise increases endorphins/enkephalins and serotonin (feel good and anti-depressant), increases immunity, oxygenates the blood/brain/whole body, improves sleep…this list goes on..

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4. Can you give our readers some tips on how to get your body! You are in top shape! 🙂

Thanks a lot. It’s pretty simple really, I eat a low fat raw vegan diet – which means my diet is 97% fruit, about 2% greens and 1% nuts/seeds. Eating this way always keeps me trim. Exercise of course plays a vital role.

I make sure I always keep my body guessing to avoid fitness plateaus. My runs are always different, sometimes I do hill sprints, other times I do runs of 15kms or more. I recommend people find a sport they love and do it regularly.

5. What is your favourite recipe?

Jaffa DateOrade . Take 15 medjool dates, soak for half hour then blend with around a litre of water and the juice of 1 orange. That’s about a 1000 calorie breakfast i have most mornings.
Mmm always hits the spot!

6. Tell us about your “30 bananas a day” concept. Do you really eat that many bananas in one day?

Yes I have regularly eaten 30 bananas in one day, I have actually even eaten up to 50 bananas a day! Here is a video about it…

The concept behind “30 bananas a day” is that this amount equals 3000 calories, which we feel is a good amount of fruit to aim to eat for success on this lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you have to eat ONLY bananas but people regularly do so for short periods of healing. Once I only ate bananas for 10 days, it’s the best I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I talk about it in detail more here…

7. Part of your work seems to be about empowering women to reclaim their health, beauty and strength. What do you see as the first step in this process?

In my experience ditching the make up has been one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done and I recommend this highly as a first step for womyn wanting to find their personal power. It may seem like a small insignificant step but it clearly isn’t when we see how difficult it is for most womyn to release attachment to their face paint. We shouldn’t cover up our beauty with corporate lies.

8. Do you think with obesity such an epidemic in the western world, that emotional eating is playing a big part in that? How do people break this cycle and free themselves?

Personally I don’t believe in “emotional eating”. If we are attracted to food in any way then our cells are hungry for nutrients.
We just need to be discerning, ditch the meat and dairy and feed our bodies a high calorie, high carb, low fat, plant-based diet then the obesity epidemic would disappear. Not only would the obesity epidemic be cured but so would the plight of our animal friends and the health of the planet.

9. Any last words of inspiration for people seeking optimum health and beauty?

Yes- meat and dairy will make you fat, slow and unattractive so this needs to go from the diet first.

Quit being a victim and take control of your life.

Each of us has the power to bring meaning to our lives, life is only meaningless if we choose it to be.

We can mould our bodies and minds into instruments of love and success but we need to be in drivers seat. Don’t let the government and corporations decide what you should wear, how you should think and what you should say.

Don’t rest until you are living your life purpose.


Thank you Freelee for your inspirational words! 🙂

For more information about Freelee please see the following websites:

13 thoughts on “Raw vegan athlete Freelee reveals her beauty, fitness and health tips.

  1. You know,the great thing about eating an all fruit diet is that once you lose your teeth from all the sugar is that you can still continue to eat the fruit because you wont need them teeth.

  2. Freelee,
    I on my seconds day of just eating bananas. I’m working towards becoming a raw vegan and though this would be a smart way to jump start the process. So i feel great; lots of energy etc but i keep hearing from people that their is too much potassium in bananas and that in doing so it will throw off my whole system i was wondering how your view this?
    Michelle Hamm

  3. I know this article is like 1 and ½ years old but I just gotta say… it’s SO awesome that you have included low fat raw vegans here. Not only might this help vegans/aspiring vegans out there realize that all raw foodists are not flaky, weak hippies and that it is actually possible to be vegan without high amounts of fat, protein and supplements – but this will also make people realize that eating a so-called normal cooked vegan diet is not that extreme (because now people know that you can go one step further). It’s kind of like how people a couple of decades ago thought vegetarians were weird but then the vegans came and vegetarians were not in the spotlight anymore. 😀 All the other articles are also amazing!

    • Thanks for your comments, you make some really good points. There are many vegan diet options available that are healthy. 🙂

  4. Hi I am a vegan but would love to go raw 80 10 10 but so many people have said the fruit will ruin my teeth what are your views on this and should I clean my teeth every time I eat , also what about iodine intake as I have a thyroid problem and have been told I need plenty of iodine thank you

  5. Unfortunately Freelee carried over her old anxieties about eating enough (terrified of getting fat) so calorie restricted and fasted, and this led to a rebounding back to unhealthy cooked foods in 200 Freelee understood that there were numerous ways to eat a vegan raw meals diet. In the same way there are many different varieties of a cooked food diet, whether vegan or not.

  6. Veganism is cool. Freelee is not. Eating that much fruit, you might as well start drinking corn syrup all day. Both freelee and her nutcase boyfriend have shown horribly unhealthy results from their blood tests, and they dodge questions about it in interviews all the time. If you really want to be a healthy vegan, I strongly suggest looking into mark Mahler, colleen patrick-goudreau, and billy Simmonds. Veganism is cool. Freelee is not. Eating that much fruit, you might as well start drinking corn syrup all day. Both freelee and her nutcase boyfriend have shown horribly unhealthy results from their blood tests, and they dodge questions about it in interviews all the time. If you really want to be a healthy vegan, I strongly suggest looking into mark Mahler, colleen patrick-goudreau, and billy Simmonds.

    • I agree with you Phil. Thanks for the recommendations too.
      I tried Freelee’s diet, and I infact did start losing weight after about a month of gaining nearly 10 pounds, which Freelee said would happen as my body resets itself. But after that first month, I began losing weight at an amazing rate. I had tons of energy, TONS! I was able to accomplish so much more activities throughout the day, and I never felt tired… Almost everything Freelee said would happen did happen!
      After a little over 4 months following her diet, I started noticing butterfly feelings in my chest. I told my dr about it thinking it was just anxiety due to an upcoming cross country trip. My dr said “let’s check your thyroid just in case”. Not only was I dangerously HYPERthyroidic, I was dangerously high in blood pressure as a result… The hyperthyroidism I developed while on Freelee’s diet was causing a high resting heartrate and high blood pressure. I was sent to an endocrinologist who I told my eating habits to, he invited me to seek a better vegan diet that doesn’t involve the dangerous and UNNATURAL amounts of bananas, potatoes, and fruit carbs in general… ALL of which can (and in my case did) cause hyperthyroidism.
      Basically, I wasn’t losing weight and feeling energetic because my body was resetting, I was killing myself unknowingly feeding hyperthyroidism with Freelee’s diet. I wrote and posted on her Facebook page asking for advice on the hyperthyroidism, asking her if there are modifications and what she recommends since she is a so called “guru”. She totally ignored my complaints and my inquiries.

  7. Has anyone tried a raw 30-day challenge? The best I ever felt was when I was eating raw. Now it has been two years all vegan! I love writing about vegan recipes and baking chocolate lavender cupcakes. Avocado makes a great raw chocolate!

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