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Chatting with Vegan Rock Goddess Rosa

Rosa and the Ultratight are an all-girl  pop/rock band.  Rosa Gudmundsdottir spoke to us recently about her journey to great health through the vegan diet.

1. What inspired you to be vegan?

I embarked on my journey of healthier living in 2003 by becoming vegetarian, knowing that I was on route to become vegan. I read a pamphlet about veganism and there was a story about a woman who held a little chick, a cute little furry yellow chick sharing how she connected with that little life, feeling its little heartbeat. That story touched me as I read it and I also connected with its heartbeat and I started to cry! That was it for me. I never looked back since and now it’s been over 5 years.  🙂

2. Can you name for us the top benefits you have found after you became vegan?

OH Lord! WOW.  I have never been stronger, faster, I am virtually free of the pollen allergy I’ve suffered from since I was twelve years old and I have noticed how my “soul” is light and that I am living my path as I’m meant to! I feel so aware and clear and my compassion is at a high level to name a FEW!

3. Tell us about your band “Rosa and The Ultratight”.

YAY! I LOVE my band – they’re all girls and we play TIGHT that’s why we’re UltraTight. My guitarist is the only one who has been with me from the start (2005) and the rest came later.  I’ve switched those players too over the years, but I think the current set up is here to stay.

The next show is at KENNY’S CASTAWAYS this Thursday (July 29th) at 11pm. PLEASE come support – we were asked to play at a record label gig (sorry had to promote hee hee.  🙂 ) You will be pop/rocked into your soul.  🙂

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4. Who are your musical inspirations?

SO many- Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Madonna, Carpenters, Skid Row ALLLL KIIIIINDS-  LIFE IS MUSIC, can’t choose.  🙂

5. What do you feel is your purpose in life?

To inspire and help this world to the better, to the best of my ability and to be at service to the higher power I believe in, to my understanding! To deepen my understanding and compassion and to learn my lessons until they’re learned.

6. Do you have a favourite vegan recipe you could share with us?

I frequently make food. To me it’s important not only to be vegan but to eat healthy too, so one of my favorite dishes to make is to sautee seitan or tempeh out of grapeseed oil with Braggs veg. protein and some good quality soy sauce, some yummie veggies and herbs, served under light coconut milk sauce with thai curry pastes (red, yellow, green) sweetened with a little agave and boiled wild rice blend –  SO GOOOOOOOD! 🙂

7. If you could share your message with the world, what would you say?

PLEASE hence that we need to wake up NOW and adhere to spiritual principals of CHANGE, making a CONSCIOUS decision to change our ways and become a responsible citizen of the WORLD our PLANET. Acknowledge that we are a part of a creation and be humble to that fact.  Make a spiritual connection with whatever you believe in and become the change you want to see! It ALL starts within!
We can all become what we want to be! LOVE ~Rósa


Thanks Rosa for your inspirational words!


Check out Rosa and the Ultratight –




For more information about the multi-talented Rosa, please see her website

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