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Male model Ezequiel Ferrari shares his passion for the vegan lifestyle.

Ezequiel Ferrari b

Ezequiel Ferrari is a male model and an aerobics teacher from Argentina. He  spoke to us recently about his passion for being vegan and why being vegan is the healthiest way to live.

1. Why did you decide to become vegan?

I decided to be a vegan because I couldn’t stand the idea of being part of cruelty to animals. Firstly I became a vegetarian, but by the next week I was already a complete vegan!! I live in a very carnivorous country, so imagine how difficult it was for me at the beginning to deal with people. I thought I was the only vegan in Argentina. Today, I’m the proudest vegan!!!

2. What benefits have you derived from the vegan diet?

Well,  since I’m a vegan I have more energy. My skin used to be a mess! Now it looks clean and it has a nice color. I’m currently in the fitness world and as a vegan I couldn’t be more happy (My body looks STUNNING!) + Veganism is PURE HEALTH! I have been teaching high impact aerobics the last few months at the gym.  Most of the students are omnivores and a few are vegetarian or vegan. The veggie ones are the only ones who can take that pace (I’m talking about a very powerful class), while omnivores get tired very quickly. I’m sure that veganism plus an exercise routine are the best combination for having a happy, healthy body including your blood, your lungs, your muscles and your arteries.


There are no industrial chemicals or animal substances in a vegan diet and there is nothing more healthful than that, and that’s the reason why vegans or vegetarians are better and healthier athletes!!

3. What has been the highlight of your modelling career? Are many models vegan or vegetarian?

I’m always adding new experiences to my life as a model, and they’re all great, can’t complain about it. When it comes to the highlight of my modelling career I would say being shot by Susana Mutti, she’s a very important photographer here in Argentina, she’s such a great woman. When she called me to work together I was like ‘YES!!!!’ and when we finally did it I was like ”I’M IN HEAVEN!” She’s great!


Vegetarian or vegan models? I’M ONE! Many models decide to have a ”vegan” or vegetarian diet to be in shape. But, they are still not vegan because they still wear fur or leather or do campaigns for products that have been tested on animals. There are no many well known vegan or vegetarian models here. I can mention Nicole Neumann, she loves animals and she’s vegetarian.

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4. Do you have any tips for our readers about how to maintain good fitness?

Yes, first, if you’re about to start an exercise routine, don’t forget to find out how many calories you should consume daily, your daily calorie intake. It is very important!!


It is very important to consume carbohydrates- they are the ”Body’s Fuel”. Eat cereals, bread, fruits, vegetables, legumes, any of these you like. Vegetables are low in fat and they don’t have cholesterol!!


Don’t over exert yourself!! Just go with your own pace!!

5. What sports or exercise do you do to maintain your fitness level?

Aerobics. I’m doing two hours of high impact aerobics each day and Saturdays I’m doing almost five (NO, I’m not an addict!) I’m about to become a fitness instructor, so I need to be prepared for the big test and of course I need to be physically prepared to teach without getting tired at all!

6. What is your favourite vegan recipe?

BANANA CAKE!!! I made this  with my sister a month ago and it was  AMAZING! You just need:


*Flour (3 cups) *Baking soda ( a little spoon) *Organic sugar (1-1/2 cups) *Five bananas  *Water (just if you need it) *And a little bit of salt!


You just mix up the ingredients and then put the mixture  in the oven, not too hot and not too cold, cook for 40 minutes and then lick your own fingers at the end of it!!

7. Do you think it is harder for men to go vegan than women? What do you think prevents men from adopting a plant based diet?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It isn’t harder for a man than a woman. It all depends on each one! It depends of your own willpower!! If you really love animals and if you really love yourself, then, you’ll have no doubt about it. Maybe people around you will tell you ”oh, it’s not sane to be a vegan”, they’ll try to convince you it is the worst thing, but hell no!!!


Being vegan is not being weak, it’s not eating lettuce only. You’ll find a lot more than you expected, you’ll feel greater than ever before!!

8. Anything else you would like to share with us?

Life is a karma. GO VEG!!


Thank you Ezequiel for your information about the health benefits of the vegan diet and your encouraging words about how easy it is to go vegan! 🙂

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