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Detoxing the organic vegan way with Matthew Sun

Matthew Sun is a vegan with a special interest in cleansing for optimal health. We caught up with Matthew recently to find out all about it.

1.What are the benefits you have derived from the vegan diet?

The benefits are countless really – better health, better digestion, more energy, more mental clarity, a more positive outlook on life, better physical endurance, zero sickness. These kind of things are priceless.

2. How important is the vegan diet for someone aiming to live a healthy and happy life?

Well, if someone wants to be happy and healthy, the only way to lastingly achieve both of these is via the vegan diet. Of course people when they are young can seem okay, but the meat and dairy diet eventually catches up with the body and brings sickness and disease. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and arthritis have all become common place. These diseases bring constant suffering and pain to the person afflicted with them. We really need to ask ourselves, is this normal? What is society doing to create these problems. There is an interesting book called The China Study, by Dr Collin Campbell who actually went to parts of China where the people are purely vegan. He went there to do a study to debunk the claims that vegans are healthy, he thought the high animal protein diet was the best. But after performing his study on these vegans he realized that they have far less sickness than the meat eaters, and now he promotes vegetarianism, and is one himself.

3. Can you tell us a bit about intestinal cleansing and why you regard this as important for health?

The problem with the western world’s current eating habits, is that it is very toxic, and leaves toxic residues in the body. These toxic residues are what creates disease and sickness. The bowel and digestive system becomes clogged up with hardened mucous, old food, parasites, unfriendly bacteria and fungus, this is why sickness comes. The organs cannot keep processing the toxic bombardment from all of this. Intestinal cleansing rapidly cleanse these toxins from the body, as the colon is the body’s waste elimination system, it must be clean, but after years of wrong eating habits, it gets overloaded and needs some help. This is the best way to help it.

4.What kind of health conditions can be helped by undertaking the process of cleansing?

Every sickness can be helped by colon cleansing, because once the body’s waste disposal unit is working, nutrients can be absorbed again, toxins can be eliminated, parasites won’t want to be there, and the body’s natural healing processes can gain the upper hand. I have witnessed countless people perform colon cleansing, and I would say 100% of them report that many of their sickness and disease are either gone, or greatly improved after even just one 9 day cleanse. Almost anyone can do it actually. About 80% of the people who did it had digestive problems before the cleanse, and everyone reported either complete recovery, or at least a major improvement.

5. Please tell us a little bit about the cleanse you have just developed?

Well I started colon cleansing about 8 years ago after a good friend gave me a book to read about it, and guided me towards a good method. Since then I tried many cleanses, and friends started asking me to provide them with information, so I started a website called to answer peoples questions and help them. Since then the website has become Australia’s leading resource on colon cleansing and detox.

As time went on I began experimenting with different recipes and started mixing up my own cleanses for family and friends, and after 3 years of testing I finally released a cleanse called the Bio Colon Cleanse, that as far as I know, is the most effective recipe on the market. It is 100% organic, which is very important, because I only know of a few other colon cleanse kits that are organic, and of course this is crucial, you must use pure herbs while the body is cleansing, and they must also be strong and good quality.

The cleanse consists of 2 main formulas – one which is a herbal formula to assist the body in eliminating the toxins and nourishing itself, and the other is a formula to absorb the toxins and safely remove them from the colon; it also binds to the mucous in the bowel and pulls it from the walls of the colon. We have a website where it can be purchased and we ship worldwide.

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6. If you were granted one wish for the world, what would it be?

I hope that the whole world stops killing other living beings for food, and switches to the delicious and nutritious vegan option. I hope peace and serenity can become known to all of the earth inhabitants.

Thank you Matthew for sharing your knowledge with us.

6 thoughts on “Detoxing the organic vegan way with Matthew Sun

  1. I have used Matthew’s detox cleanse and I am very impressed with the wonderful clean feeling I had on completion. My mind felt alert and my tummy became trimmer. I was having regular heart palpitations before the cleanse and now the palpitations are reduced to almost nil.

  2. Oz said you can eat unlimited quanjtities of these
    low-glycemic vegetables:. Whenn you dance you actually
    develop clear and easy ways to love and care for yourself.
    Alll you eat is organic veggies and fruits, plus your protein comes from just beans like lima and pinto,
    no meats aree allowed.

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