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Introducing Forever 21 – a book by Kathy Divine

Forever 21 Cover


Hi there!

Apart from interviews on http://www.vegansarecool.com, this is actually my first post on this site. I am the creator of http://www.vegansarecool.com and have the great pleasure of conducting all the interviews and am enjoying every minute of it! It is so nice to meet and chat with cool and talented vegans from around the planet that are so passionate about the vegan lifestyle.

During 2010 I wrote a book called Forever 21. It is all about being positive and living a cruelty free lifestyle. The book is officially launching in Sydney, Australia on 19th March 2011. The book will be available a bit before that date on amazon.com and many other websites and book stores.

Your Launch Party Invite!

Below are the details of the book launch party which you and your friends are invited to:

When: Saturday 19th March 2011

Time: 6pm-8pm

Where: Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts. Mitchell Theatre.

Level 1  280 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000

Please join us for the official book launch of Forever 21. The night will feature guest speakers addressing the benefits of the vegan diet. Personalised signed copies of Forever 21 will be available to purchase for $19.95. Please feel free to invite your family and friends who are interested in achieving their full potential on all levels. Also extend the invitation to any friends in the media who may be interested in publishing news stories about the healthy, life-saving, planet-saving virtues of eating a plant-based diet.

About Forever 21

Forever 21 is the empowering guide to reclaiming your youth, beauty, health, happiness and spirituality. The eight “Forever 21” principles give you the tools you need to create a happier and healthier you!

If you are ready to reclaim your power and reach your full potential on every level, this is the book for you!

After being repeatedly told for many years that she looks younger than her age, the author of Forever 21, decided to document her lifestyle tips for maintaining a youthful look.

Part one of the book elaborates on these secrets of youth, with an explanation of the eight Forever 21 Principles.

Part two is a collection of interviews she did with health experts and elite athletes who are focused on empowering people to reach their full potential in all aspects of life. All the people interviewed are vegan and amazing, talented individuals.

For more information about the book, see www.kathydivine.com.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Please RSVP to vegansarecool@gmail.com

Last bits and pieces….

Bulk orders are now being taken as well as inquiries from book stores and other stores interested in stocking the book. Please email sales@ kathydivine.com with your inquiry.

I write an occasional blog post on http://www.kathydivine.com and all the info about the book is there.

Until next time…..may the vegan force be with you! 😉

Kathy x

Kathy Divine

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