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Vegans Are Cool – the book! Your contributions wanted!

Based on the popularity of http://www.vegansarecool.com, we have decided to compile all that is awesome and cool about the vegan lifestyle into a book. The book will be available to purchase from all major online bookstores such as http://www.amazon.com, http://www.amazon.co.uk, http://www.bookdepository.com, barnesandnoble.com etc… It will be promoted through the usual media channels and through the veg community world wide.

The aim of the book is to reach people who are considering making the switch to a plant based diet and are seeking more information and tips about how to make the transition. We also want to help vegan businesses, organisations, bloggers and vegan experts reach a wider audience and get their message “out there”!

We are looking for contributions from vegans from all walks of life, ages, industries, professions from all around the world in order to showcase the diversity of the vegan community. Vegans Are Cool – the book is a global vegan community project. We welcome your input and contribution.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact me to express an interest and to secure your spot in the book.

The following is what we are looking for in terms of contributions:

1. Essays on your area of knowledge: ie. 1500-2000 words by vegan doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, environmental scientists, veterinarians, activists, bloggers, heads/spokespersons of organisations, athletes etc…. If you know someone who fits this category but they are not tagged in this note, please either forward it to them or pass on their details to me. All contributors must be strict vegans (diet, clothing, etc… –  basically they never use or consume anything that has been tested on animals or contains animal ingredients). They must have a life-long commitment to a vegan lifestyle and have been following this lifestyle for several years.

The tone of the book will be light and positive yet informative and grounded in well-researched content. References at the end of essays are essential for credibility and to enable people to follow up for further reading purposes. We may also include a couple of opinion pieces by bloggers and others if they fit in with the feel of the book. Please contact if you think this would suit your writing style/message. Please reply with your suggested topic and a short summary.

2. Interviews – If you feel it would be better for you to respond in an interview format, the people that fit into the above category are also welcome to contribute this way. Interviews can be done via email (preferred) or via telephone/in person.

3. Top 10 tips – if you don’t have time to do an interview or essay and still want to contribute/promote yourself and/or your business, you can submit a “Top 10 Tips” page. Tips can be on any subject related to the vegan lifestyle. For example, tips for health, fashion, environment, baking, cooking, raw lifestyle, socialising as a vegan etc…

At the bottom of all contributions, a detailed blurb about your business including your website and contact details can be attached. The aim is to connect you with the book audience so they can follow up with you if they so desire.

4. Recipes – Have a favourite recipe that you have created? Original recipes are welcome showcasing how easy and delicious vegan cooking (or uncooking) can be. Both raw and cooked recipes welcome! One or two recipes are fine. At the bottom of your recipe we will include your website/blog/twitter/fb page etc… This category is open to all vegans worldwide. A diverse range of recipes from as many cultures as possible is desired.

5. If you have an idea or novel concept that you feel would be cool that hasn’t been addressed, please contact me to discuss.

We are planning to also do an interview chapter with vegan teens and vegan children.

The deadline for all submissions is strictly 10th September 2011 to ensure the book is available for pre-Christmas sales. Submissions during August would be ideal, to give more time for editing and the overall pre-publishing process.

For all inquiries please email vegansarecool@gmail.com.

Please pass on this note to anyone you think might be interested in contributing.

Thank you so much for your time. 🙂

All the Best,

Kathy Divine



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