Young Vegans

Meet Nami Gohil a young vegan on a mission for animals.


Nami Gohil 2

I met the vivacious and beautiful Nami recently at a vegan meet up in Sydney, Australia. This sixteen year old’s passion and enthusiasm for spreading the vegan message and leading the way for other young people is truly inspiring. I was dying to know more! Here it is….

1. When did you decide to go vegan? If you were vegetarian first, when did you start being vegetarian?

I have been a vegetarian since birth, but after learning about the shocking treatment of cows in the dairy industry, I decided to try the vegan diet around a year ago.

2. What are the benefits of the vegan diet for you?

The vegan diet is so beneficial, to our body, to the animals and to the environment. I can eat delicious food without feeling guilty about where it was derived from and I feel so much more healthy!

3. Would you recommend that people go vegan? If yes, why?

I think every person should at least go vegetarian, if not vegan. People need to be aware of how horrific animals in the meat and dairy industry are being treated. It’s not right that such barbaric practices even exist! There are so many options for a cruelty-free diet so there is no reason why people should be consuming animal products.

4. Do you think animals have intelligence and can feel pain?

How can they not feel pain and have intelligence! When you see a mother affectionately cradling her baby you can not doubt that they have emotions. Animals in slaughterhouses are always trying to escape and you see the pain in their eyes. As for intelligence, many animals have proven to have far greater logical reasoning than humans. Although they can’t reason like humans, that is no excuse for killing them by such unnecessary means.

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5. Are you involved in any animal advocacy groups? Please share with us any of your current activities in this area.

I am a member of PETA and Animals Australia and write articles to various organisations when needed. I am also the ambassador for native animals at ATAAC (Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty) and youth spokesperson for The Vegan Society NSW. This mainly involves speaking out against various animal rights issues and helping out at events

6. Do you think vegans are cool? If yes, why?

Of course! Our bodies are healthier, we are saving lovely animals and keeping the environment natural 🙂

7. Anything else you would like to add?

I would just like to make people aware of the misconceptions they have of the vegan diet. There are plenty of healthy and delicious alternatives to meat and dairy. “Addiction Food” has the most amazing deserts I have ever tasted, they are based in Sydney ( and “Peace Harmony”, an appetizing Thai restaurant in Sydney’s CBD attracts many people! Be sure to check it out! 🙂                                                                                                                       

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