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Vegans Are Cool – a sneak peek look at the book

Vegansarecool.com HQ is buzzing as the launch of Vegans Are Cool: A delicious collection of essays, interviews and articles by cool vegans from around the planet is coming soon! This vegantastic book will be available to buy on amazon.com, bookdepository.co.uk, amazon.co.uk, barnesandnoble.com and other major online book stores.

What is it all about?

Vegans Are Cool is a collection of writings by members of the global vegan community. The aim of this collaborative project is to showcase the knowledge, creativity and heart of individuals from a diversity of races, cultures and backgrounds. All the contributors have one thing in common: they’re living the healthy, environmentally friendly vegan lifestyle.

There are contributions from Australia, Africa, Asia, America, Europe and New Zealand. Vegan professionals from all around the world including naturopaths, a nutritionist, scientists and veterinarians contributed, as well as vegan athletes, mothers, men, chefs and business owners. Vegan children and teenagers also wrote for the book as well as people that have been vegan their entire life. Issues such as where to get vegan sources of iron, protein and B12 are discussed as well as how to undergo a successful vegan pregnancy. Building muscle and strength via the vegan diet, how to raise your children vegan, and why the vegan diet is great for the environment are other issues discussed in Vegans Are Cool.

Vegans Are Cool is for people who are considering making the switch to the vegan lifestyle as well as for vegans who would like to fill in their knowledge gaps. It is also for people who are simply curious about what living the vegan way is all about and for those who have relatives and friends who are vegan and want to learn more.

The chapters

Chapter 1 – What does ‘being vegan’ actually mean?

Chapter 2 – Let’s chat about health: yes, the vegan diet is healthy!

Chapter 3 – Cruelty-free fashion – because animals don’t need to suffer for you to look chic

Chapter 4 – Raising children on a vegan diet: yes, it’s healthy! Vegan parents and kids have their say

Chapter 5 – Vegan teens: leading the charge towards a more compassionate planet

Chapter 6 –  Can athletes thrive on a vegan diet? Yes, they can!

Chapter 7 – A sustainable planet via the vegan diet: vegans are saving the planet!

Chapter 8 – The vegan diet is great for weight loss too!

Chapter 9 – Vegan compassion: being the voice for animals

Chapter 10 – Mouth-watering vegan recipes from around the globe

Cool vegan excerpts from Vegans Are Cool


In your opinion as a naturopath, is it okay or even desirable to raise children as vegans? Is there anything special we need to be aware of?

The more we learn about the dangers of eating animal products at any age, the more it seems to me that it is unwise, not to mention unethical, not to raise children on a high-nutrient vegan diet. Junk vegan diets are just as bad as junk omnivorous diets, on the other hand, and no one should delude themselves into thinking that a diet of vegan hot dogs, marshmallows and chocolate bars will give children the start in life they deserve.

The same components of animal foods that cause disease in adults, either cause those diseases in children, or lay the groundwork for them in their adult lives. For example, a high intake of animal fats causes children’s arteries to develop early atherosclerotic lesions. During the long-running Bogalusa Heart Study, researchers found anatomical changes in the blood vessels of children as young as five, who were eating the typical American diet of animal products and refined carbohydrates. Consumption of naturally-occurring growth hormones in dairy products and meat is associated with rapid growth in childhood, early puberty, elevated blood pressure, and a heightened risk of breast and prostate cancer in later life.

Like vegan adults, children being raised on a vegan diet need a regular, reliable source of vitamin B12, either from supplements or fortified foods. Parents should also make sure their iodine intake is adequate, either by regularly including seaweeds such as nori, wakame and dulse in their diet or by giving them iodine supplements.

– Robyn Chuter, naturopath. Chapter 4, Vegans Are Cool.

Interviews with cool vegans

What are the benefits for you of following a vegan diet?

I strongly believe that eating animals and all their by-products isn’t good for us, isn’t natural and doesn’t provide the nutrients we need – and is completely gross. But besides all the health issues, I’d say that I live better now I act according to my values, as an animal lover. Since becoming vegan I’ve found it feels really good to look at an animal and not feel embarrassed about being human any more. Knowing that I don’t finance any type of mistreatment is simply the best feeling.

Also I’ve become much more aware of what I’m eating. I read food labels, and I always get to know exactly what’s in a specific product. As consumers, I believe we all shouldn’t be alienated, and that we should instead question what exactly we are buying and financing . . . Oh and I almost forgot: we all become good cooks, as we get creative! I don’t know even one, single vegan who doesn’t cook.

– Julia Harger, designer from Brazil, chapter 3, Vegans Are Cool. She designed the Vegans Are Cool book cover

Vegan Kids

What do other kids at school think about your choice to be vegan?

Imogen: Some of my friends tell me they would like to be vegan but their parents make them eat meat because they think they need it to be healthy. One of my friends said if you don’t eat meat you can’t be strong and healthy, but I’m stronger and healthier than her!

Mitch: Some of my friends think what I bring to school for lunch is pretty weird, but they don’t give me a hard time about it. Sometimes kids ask why I don’t eat meat, and they try to tell me it tastes really nice – but I don’t think death could ever taste nice.

Imogen and Mitch Dawes, 6 and 12 years old, Chapter 4, Vegans Are Cool.

Vegan teens

What advice would you give someone reading this who’s thinking about making the switch to a vegan diet?

Good on you for thinking about giving it a go. All I can say is that being vegan is much easier than it seems, and there’s nothing to worry about. If you think you’d find it hard to give something up, have a look at the food section of the Cruelty Free Shop website. There are so many delicious vegan alternatives to nearly everything, and whatever you order is delivered to your door.

In an article in Vegan Voice (the wonderful Australian vegan magazine that’s now unfortunately finished), I learnt that every vegan saves the lives of about 100 animals, at the very least, every year, so by becoming vegan, you’re not only being kind to animals; you’re being kind to yourself.

Genevieve Doyle, 13 years old, Chapter 5, Vegans Are Cool.

Vegan athletes

What do you say to people who think that vegans cannot be strong and fit?

Watch my videos, and check the size of the stones a vegan can catch, throw and carry. Just train and be disciplined. Focus on your goals, and know you want to change. Vegans can be fit and strong, but the important thing is to not only focus on this objective while you are doing some physical activity but to also focus on rehabilitation of natural movements. When you do these things, the consequence will be a fit body. Vegan animals such as rhinoceros, gorillas and elephants are considered the strongest in the world.

– Alex Souza, Chapter 6, Vegans Are Cool

The environment

Ecological impacts of a global shift to plant-based diets will be far reaching:

  • Deforestation will rapidly drop, and reverse when forests re-grow on grazed lands;
  • Grain production will reduce (current production would be 50 percent more than needed7);
  • Greenhouse emissions will reduce by as much as 51 percent;
  • Climate change mitigation costs will reduce by 80 percent;
  • Extinctions and biodiversity loss will drop by 60 percent;
  • Soil degradation, water pollution, air pollution and ocean pollution will quickly improve; and
  • Ecological balance will be restored to our fragile environment.

Further, adoption of an organic plant-based global diet would result in:

  • Rapid draw-down of greenhouse gases now in the atmosphere, to be stored in the soil;
  • Soil health improving dramatically, strengthening the web of life beginning in the soil, and resulting in healthier more nutritious crops; and
  • On-farm employment increasing, attracting people from cities back to rural communities.

– Gerrard Weddernburn Bisshop and Lefkothea Pavlidis, World Preservation Foundation, Chapter 7, Vegans Are Cool.

If you are in Australia, you can pre-order personally signed copies of the book directly from us. Please email your requests to vegansarecool@gmail.com. Books will be posted in time for Christmas. Personally signed copies are $26.95 which includes postage.

We are super keen to spread the message about Vegans Are Cool in order to save animals and reverse the stereotypes that exist about the vegan lifestyle. You can help by posting this link on your Facebook page, Twitter, blog and anywhere else you connect with others. Please also share with your vegan blogging friends and journalists who may be interested in writing a story about Vegans Are Cool. The most creative article written and published about Vegans Are Cool will win a personalised signed copy of Vegans Are Cool and a Vegans Are Cool eco-friendly bag. Please email the link for your chance to win!

There will be a launch party in early December in Sydney, Australia. If you would like an invitation, please email vegansarecool@gmail.com to be added to the invite list.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks from Vegans Are Cool.

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