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Vegans Are Cool is now available on amazon.com!

Hi Cool Vegans!

Great news just in – Vegans Are Cool is now available to buy on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Last Friday, over 130 attended the launch party in Sydney, Australia. It was vegantastic! Lots of pics to come! 🙂

Here is a video by our cover model, the gorgeous Noel Polanco from New York, talking about Vegans Are Cool:


The book has become available just in time for Christmas and is making a really lovely Christmas gift for those curious about the vegan lifestyle and not sure where to start, and for vegans who are keen to ‘fill in their knowledge gaps’.

Here is another sneak peak from the book:

“Climate scientists are very concerned about carbon dioxide emissions because this gas lasts for hundreds and thousands of years in the atmosphere – in fact some of the carbon dioxide released at the start of the industrial revolution is still up there, warming the world. There is a seldom-told but remarkable story of how we can draw down a large amount of this legacy gas by implementing steep cuts in animal agriculture.

 If all animal agriculture ceased:

  • 60 – 80 percent of global deforestation (responsible for over a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions) would cease;
  • Fire for deforestation and pasture maintenance would cease (80 – 90 cent of open fires are deliberately lit);
  • 70 percent of all agricultural land could be returned to forest or natural grassland, drawing down at least 20 years of carbon dioxide emissions in above and below-ground carbon.21

This natural, low cost and large scale draw-down of carbon dioxide is the basis for a study by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, which reported that a global transition to a low-meat diet would reduce climate change mitigation costs by about 50 percent, a no-meat diet would reduce mitigation costs by 70 percent, while an animal free diet would reduce costs by 80 percent. This study found that up to 2700 million hectares of pasture and 100 million hectares of cropland could be abandoned, resulting in a large carbon uptake from regrowing vegetation, in addition to the substantial methane and nitrous oxide emission reductions.

Governments are increasingly faced with the stark reality of meeting these costs, more commonly in the form of extreme weather events such as the 2011 floods in Australia and the drought in China and the USA. Considering the cost of climate change mitigation alone, the diet change option offers a growing appeal when compared to high cost technological solutions such as carbon capture and storage from coal fired power stations. This argument alone is a compelling reason for diet change.”

Taken from Vegans Are Cool, Chapter 7, Livestock’s Environmental Impact by Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop and Lefkothea Pavlidis from World Preservation Foundation, pp 188-89.

 “I grew up with a genuine love and affinity for animals, so it made perfect sense to my small-child logic that my family didn’t eat them, or products that were taken from them. I had more difficulty understanding why the rest of the world did.”

Taken from Vegans Are Cool, Chapter 4, Growing Up Vegan by Kamina Wüst, pg 128

I am heading to Melbourne this week for a launch party on Friday 16th December at 7pm at Kindness House – 288 Brunswick St Fitzroy. You are welcome to join us to celebrate! 🙂

Until next time!

Kathy Divine xx

3 thoughts on “Vegans Are Cool is now available on amazon.com!

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to interview with you for your new book!!! I just got the copy of Vegans are Cool and I am looking forward to reading it!!! Best of luck with your book….I know it is going to be a bestseller!!!

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