Vegan Athletes

Inspriational interview with vegan athlete Helen Fines

Hey cool vegans!

Here is an interview I did recently with Helen Fines  – a vegan athlete from the UK.

Helen Fines in Slovenia

1. How long have you been vegan for?
3-4 years

2. What inspired you to go vegan?
Mainly through experiences working as a vet and once being part of a farming/horse racing community, and the things I have seen.

3. Please share with us some of your sporting achievements.
I have been runner up in the English Fell running Championships twice, and runner up in the British Fell Running Championships twice. In the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships I got team gold for England and individual bronze. Have represented Great Britain 3 times in mountain relay races. Also won UK trail running championships in 2004 (I think!) and the vet35 National Cross Country Championships in 2010.

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4. What is your daily food intake. Do you take any special supplements?
Between 2000-3000 kcals depending on workload, just healthy balanced stuff, no supplements.

5. Do you have a favourite recipe you would like to share?
Ha ha, am hopeless at cooking. Probably chocolate fudge cake recipe from Vegan Village website.

6. Do you have any words of inspiration or advice for people that have not yet transitioned to the vegan diet but are curious about it?
Yes, do it now!! It’s brilliant, it’s much easier than you think, it’s not deprivational, it’s positive, it’s healthy, it can fit in with any lifestyle and you can be compassionate to animals without any cost to yourself.

7. Anything else you would like to add?

Wish I’d done it years before I did, but I was stupid enough to think it would be detrimental to my running … I was totally, utterly wrong and uneducated to think so!

Thanks Helen for sharing your vegan awesomeness with us!

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