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A huge thank you from Vegans Are Cool

Hey Cool Vegans!

The launch of my latest book Vegans Are Cool was a vegantastic experience. It was so great to see so many people attend the launch parties in Sydney and Melbourne. This post is dedicated to all of the individuals and businesses that made the parties a great success!

A huge thank you and much appreciation goes to:

Aaron Scheibner, producer and director of A Delicate Balance – The Truth for generously giving DVDs to some lucky attendees.

Addiction Food – for those with a vegan sweet tooth or five, Addiction Food is a must sample! Thanks to Addiction Food for bringing their yummy samples to the Sydney party.

Amina Cosmetics – for vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics, check out the Amina range. We really appreciate the prize pack Amina generously provided for one lucky Sydney launch attendee.

Bounty Burgers – these delicious vegan burgers were graciously provided by Loren from Bounty Burgers. You have to try a bounty – they will please even the most defiant of meat eaters! Thanks Loren!

Jeevi – The Laughing Chef – this award-winning chef brought one of his famous vegan dishes to share with guests. Thanks Jeevi!

Just Green Food – this vegan grocery store has its very own vegan mock meat brand. The samples they provided at the Sydney party were super!

Miss Organic generously gave gift vouchers to lucky attendees at the Melbourne launch. Miss Organic is a fresh, organic food delivery service in Melbourne, Australia.

Loving Hut Canley Heights and Loving Hut Melbourne are vegan restaurants and part of the worldwide chain of Loving Hut restaurants. Thank you so much for the yummy food you provided for guests at the Sydney and Melbourne launches.

Rachael Brady is an indie singer who generously supplied CDs for our Sydney launch for some lucky attendees. Check out her sweet tunes on Myspace.

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Rachel Riley is a vegan personal trainer from Melbourne who generously gave vouchers to some lucky attendees of the Melbourne launch. Thanks Rachel!

Ruby Fruit make vegan cheesecake to-die-for! They also make lots of other yummy vegan baked goods. They generously provided some lucky attendees at the Sydney launch some of their delicious cupcakes.

Socially Vegan Cakes is an awesome vegan cake business in Sydney. They made amazing cakes for the Sydney launch and can create a cake to suit every occasion. Love you guys!

Sweet William are the makers of yummy vegan friendly chocolates. Sweet William generously sent chocolate Santas for the guests of the Sydney launch. They were delicious!

The Personal Vegan is an online store that sells cruelty-free, eco and healthy bathroom and bedroom products. Thanks for the goodies you gave to some lucky attendees.

Vegepooch is a vegan pet food company. They sell a large range of products that are suitable for pets from infancy to adulthood. A huge thanks for the samples you provided to our guests.

Vegan Perfection is a leading importer/exporter of vegan brands. They very generously provided 100 bags of Bonvita chocolates to our guests. Our sincere appreciation for all you do to distribute and promote vegan food. You guys rock!

Veganpet is a complete and balanced dry pet food that contains no animal product or bi-products. A huge thanks to Veganpet for the samples they provided to our guests.

Vegan Style are a young Australian company that sell cruelty-free shoes. They sell shoes for both women and men. They hold shoe parties…lots of fun! Thanks for the vouchers our lucky Melbourne attendees received.

Yuva is a skin care range derived from natural ingredients. No animal testing or ingredients. A big big thanks to Yuva for the hundreds of products you gave us. You made a lot of people very happy!

This is a small sample of the vegan businesses that exist in Australia. Worldwide vegan businesses are popping up everywhere and as the movement gets stronger, no doubt even more will launch. One of the aims of Vegans Are Cool is to showcase vegan businesses so that more people are aware of how easy it is to go vegan and to support vegan businesses so that they grow and flourish.

There were also many awesome individuals who generously assisted in the launch. To name but a few (and my most sincere apologies to anyone I have forgotten – please let me know and I will add you in!): Mark Berriman, Jenny McCracken, Lefki Pavlidis, Anne-Marie Carmichael, Eve Nguyen, Heidi Merika, Helen Lu, Sona, Arthur, Emilia and Zara Pamboukhtchian, Ann Berriman, Penelope Bassett-Scarfe, Jane Daly, Tara Lomax, Tim Moore, Wei Feng and Liz Dealey.

A very special thanks to the models in the promotional photography: Team Vegan from the UK, Mitch and Imogen Dawes and the vegan beauties – Nami Gohil, Julia Harger, Vivien Lexington and Amy Johnson, not forgetting male model Henrique Thadeu. Photography by the very talented Anna Beatriz Freccia Rosa.

I would also like to thank the beautiful and talented Layla Bittar who was MC for the Sydney launch and fellow vegan author Ronny K Prasad for his great job as MC for Melbourne.

A huge thanks also to Living Vegan magazine and the South Sydney Herald for their articles about Vegans Are Cool.

Thank you to the Australian Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society NSW for promoting Vegans Are Cool. It is much appreciated.

Many thanks to the very generous Philip and Trix Wollen from Kindness Trust for the use of Kindness House for the Melbourne launch.

Although he couldn’t attend the parties, I would like to thank our cover model Noel Polanco for his ongoing support and being such a great ambassador for the vegan lifestyle.

Also, a big thanks to my vegan muse Shuang Wu for her all round vegan awesomeness and banner design work. And last but certainly not least, Julia Harger for her book cover design and photo shoot co-ordination and promotional design work.

If you have read Vegans Are Cool and want to share your review with others, please consider writing a review on Amazon.com. It would be great to read your feedback. 🙂

A huge thanks to Gretchen Tseng from Chic Vegan for her post about the Vegans Are Cool free e-book offer. Chic Vegan is an awesome website. Highly recommend! The e-book is now available to download from www.vegansarecool.com/the-book.

Beautiful vegan actor and social activist Mariana Tosca was a panelist on “The Point” program recently. Be sure to check out this program which discusses animals used for food and other related issues.

Until next time,

Have a vegantastic day!

Kathy 🙂

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