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Vegans Are Cool interview on Vegan World Radio

Hey cool vegans!

I will be interviewed by Saoirse Martinez on Vegan World Radio on Wednesday 7th March 10pm (central time, USA). They are doing a Vegan 101 show and want to talk about my second book Vegans Are Cool with me. If you can’t catch it live, there are other options for listening. Check here for the details.

I am getting lots of positive feedback from people who are making the switch to the vegan lifestyle after reading the book. My goal is to spread the vegan message via Vegans Are Cool to every corner of the world.

Tell your friends! 🙂 Please share on FB, Twitter, blogs etc. Thanks so much! 🙂

In other news, I have come across a vegan athletes website which I wanted to share. Check these guys (and gals) out!


In other vegan athlete news, there are some great interviews on Viva La Vegan! 

Check this one out with Michael Griesmeier, an extreme vegan sportsman from Germany.

Lastly, a big hearty thanks to vegan model Amanda Rootsey for mentioning Forever 21 as her favourite book in this month’s issue of Nature and Health magazine.

Have a vegantastic week!

All the best,


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