Vegan Musicians

Notic nastic – vegan musos on a mission

1. Who is Notic nastic? Please tell us a bit about your music and philosophy.
Notic nastic are three producers, two stay totally anonymous while the one lady (ehn) is kind of like the figure head who you always see in concert. She’s also a model for ethical fashion so you see quite a bit of her face actually.
The music is a form of  twisted pop. Notic nastic is all about playing with stereotypes. Ultimately we like pop because it’s the people’s music, it’s a common language. But we like weird stuff too, we are weird we can’t help it. So it’s all twisted. It’s music for the masses on acid.
Our philosophy is to inspire people and help them to become more aware and live a positive lifestyle that is informed by thoughtful decision instead of hypnotic conditioning. We try to do all this in a fun and cheeky way. It isn’t that easy sometimes, but it’s a learning process and we love every minute.
2. Why did the band members decide to go vegan? Was it a joint decision or you were vegan before you started the band?
Well, because cheese makes u so damn constipated we just couldn’t take it anymore! Honestly, it was a natural progression. It took a decade to get there and when it finally happened it was the best decision ever. It’s very empowering, to feel like you are action and not just thought and talk.  Being vegan is just one of those things that makes you strong. 
3. What is the best thing about being vegan for you?
Probably being better and younger looking than our peers 🙂 Hehe.

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4. Do you have a fav. vegan recipe you would like to share?
‘Google’ best chocolate vegan cake ever and it come right up. It’s so easy and really great for everyone.
5. What are your plans for 2012? Any concert dates coming up?
Well we are working on a new album, and artistic vision, so at the moment we are in the studio and silently working up an epiphany. We play in France this weekend, that’ll be fun. We are releasing two singles over the next couple months, “I don’t wanna do it right” and “Illuminati bitch”.
6. What is your message to the world?
Wake up, don’t be a dumb tool and have some m€>|^~f€*.€<ing fun while you’re at it, baby!!
P.S. You’re beautiful and infinite.
7. Anything else you would like to add?
Take care of your body, get your exercise and don’t drink and smoke too much. Bodies are awesome gifts and your vehicle to the world.
Oh, and the answer really is love so get over it. I know it seems more complicated but… :)))))
Exciting competition!!!  Notic nastic are generously giving 2 readers a personally signed copy of their CD. To be in the running, simply ‘like’  Vegans Are Cool on Facebook. The winners will be announced on the blog and our Facebook page in late May.

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