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The Vegan of the Year Awards – The Winners Announced!


After many months of receiving nominations and for the last six weeks judging the hundreds of nominees, we are now at the exciting stage of announcing the winners of the Vegan of the Year Awards.

But, before we get to that, I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the awards vegantastic. Firstly, a big thanks to the sponsors of this announcement: Empower Total Health, Vegan Online, Cruelty Free Super and Pure & Green Organics. is chuffed to be supported by such ethical, pioneering businesses. Thank you so much!

A huge heartfelt thanks also to Shuang Wu for designing the winners’ certificates and virtual badges, the vegan judges – Mariana Tosca and Sundara De Silva – who judged a selection of categories and the advisory team – Tara Lomax, Sy Woon and Nami Gohil.

It goes without saying that choosing the winners was an extremely difficult process. There are so many vegans worldwide doing amazing things to promote the vegan lifestyle. Without a doubt, the winners below are among the best of the best. Luckily, we will be holding the awards annually, so there will be plenty of opportunities for more amazing vegan individuals, organisations and businesses to be recognised every year.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who submitted nominations. The purpose of the awards is to recognise vegans who are making outstanding contributions in their area of expertise and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Continents and countries to which no awards were given indicates that we did not receive any nominations for that region. We hope to receive nominations from these in future.

And the winners are:

1. Vegan of the YearVictoria Moran  and Dr. Michael Greger.

These two outstanding individuals have been working for many years to increase awareness about the many benefits of the vegan lifestyle. Amazingly cool vegans!

2. Young Vegan of the Year: Jack Styles and Tamsin Dean Einspruch

Highly Commended: Nami Gohil, Jordan Turner, Mitch Dawes, Imogen Dawes and Genevieve Doyle

3. Outstanding Vegan Website: Our Hen House and GirlyGirl Army

Highly Commended: Vegan Yum Yum, Vegansaurus and Vegan Easy

4. Outstanding Animal Activist:

North America: Paul Watson

Highly Commended: Laurelee Blanchard, Nathan Runkle and Dr Randall Cannon

Oceania: Patty Mark, Pam Ahern and Philip Wollen

Highly Commended: Emmy James

U.K/Europe: Fiona Oakes and Dr. Andrew Knight

Asia: Maneka Gandhi

5. Outstanding Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Organisation: Tower Hill Stables and A Place of Peace (previously announced)

6. Outstanding Vegan Business:

Africa: Fry’s Vegetarian

Asia: Loving Hut

Oceania: Vegan Perfection

Highly Commended: Bounty Burgers, Funky Pies and The Cruelty Free Shop

U.K/Europe: Vegusto

U.S.A: Cynthia King Ballet Slippers and Evolotus PR

Highly Commended: Pangea

7. Outstanding Vegan Restaurant:

Asia: Veganburg – Singapore

Oceania: From Earth and Water (Gold Coast, QLD) and Sadhana Kitchen (Newtown, NSW)

Highly Commended: IKU (Sydney, NSW), 20,000 Cows (Lismore, NSW) and Bliss Organic Cafe (Adelaide, SA)

U.K/Europe: Loving Hut – Menton, France

USA: Follow Your Heart (Canoga Park, LA)

Highly Commended: Cafe Gratitude (LA), Spiral Diner (Dallas) and Vegetarian House (San Jose).

8. Outstanding Vegan Chef: Sophie Lapaire

Highly Commended: Chloe Coscarelli and Leigh Drew

9. Outstanding Vegan Athlete: Fiona Oakes and Patrik Baboumian

Highly Commended: Gemma Dryburgh

10. Outstanding Vegan Journalist: Jane Velez-Mitchell

Highly Commended: Katrina Fox

      Outstanding Vegan Academic: Mariann Sullivan, Dr. Andrew Knight and Professor Patrick Brown

Highly Commended: Lara Drew and Jane Daly

      Outstanding Vegan AuthorDr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Will Tuttle

11. Outstanding Vegan Media Outlet:

Outstanding Vegan Television: Supreme Master Television

Outstanding Vegan Radio: Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden

Outstanding Media Innovator: DawnWatch and Animal Rights Zone

Outstanding Vegan Filmmaker: Shaun Monson (Earthlings) and Aaron Scheibner (A Delicate Balance – The Truth)

Outstanding Vegan Magazine: Living Vegan

12. Outstanding Vegan Non-Profit Organisation:

Oceania: The Christchurch Vegetarian Centre and the Vegetarian/Vegan Society of QLD

U.K/Europe:  Vegan Society (U.K)

U.S.A: T. Colin Campbell Foundation and The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (P.C.R.M)

Our sincere congratulations to all winners!

In the coming months, we will be publishing posts with more details about the Vegan of the Year winners, including pics and links so you can discover for yourself how cool these vegan individuals, organisations and businesses really are.

Thank you again to our kind sponsors and until next time have a vegantastic day!

Kathy Divine

8 thoughts on “The Vegan of the Year Awards – The Winners Announced!

  1. Thank you to all the amazing people who care about veganism for animals and the developing world. Did you know about Wendy Valentine who started the animal sanctury in Norfolk, England (Hillside Animal Sanctury) which rescues farm animals and promotes veganism? I thought every person remotely interested in animals ought to know about Wendy and her employees – the wonderful work they do! Kind wishes, Chantelle

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    • Hi Elizabeth,

      He wasn’t nominated this year. We will be running the awards annually. You are welcome to nominate him for the 2013 Awards.

      • That’s OK I am pretty sure he wouldn’t be interested, he doesn’t need awards to know he is an outstanding vegan advocate and would probably refuse it 🙂

        Thanks for the explanation, I appreciate it. People deliberately overlook Gary Francione’s work because it doesn’t suit their agenda to promote his work and that irks me. I notice you don’t have a link to in your Cool Vegan Sites list. I strongly recommend adding it so your readers can check it out, as it is a fantastic resource for all vegan advocates. Thanks again.

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