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Vegan musician and model Naseem Murakami shares her inspiring tips for a healthy lifestyle

1. What inspired you to change to the vegan lifestyle?

I happened to be around a few vegetarians who I worked closely with in the past but it never came across in my mind even asking them why. I was always a big animal lover but never actually thought of knowing where my food came from nor did I ever have any desire to give up meat and dairy and accepted it as just a natural part of life. Interestingly, it all started out as more of a spiritual pursuit and I was shown a personal revelation at unexpected places at the unexpected time.
A few years ago, I was part of the ministry singing at my local church in preparation of Thanksgiving services. There was this song called “Purify Me” which resonated with me and one day I asked God what will it really take to really become purified. That day happened to be the night before thanksgiving and I believe my prayer was answered in an instant, as some how I ended up watching the videos of slaughter houses as well as going over the scriptures and it just hit me hard altogether how I was ignorant, as well as living in a society full of deception all my life. Being vegan was not just only about the benefit to health but also impacted me greatly in every part of my life to be more conscious and aware of things and I feel more connection to the divine as well as a feeling of being awakened to the truth. It was a great liberation to cut ties with any violence and disconnectedness.
2. I like the page on your website called ‘Mr and Mrs Lean Muscles’. You have some great examples there of some really fit and healthy vegans. How has your own personal fitness been affected by the vegan diet?
Thank you!! I cannot express how much good  I am reaping by combining a vegan diet and my work out. First of all, you’ll get much faster results when it comes to getting in shape and weight loss. Once I shed much body weight and fat, I now don’t have to do much to stay toned and get definition on my abs or elsewhere. Prior to going vegan I was taking protein shakes and meal replacement shakes on top of eating more meat and cutting down on carbs but it took forever to see the results. When I did lose some, it was so easy to gain it back or even have a rebound if I stopped working out. My face started breaking out like crazy too and I always felt tired. I was getting sick too with minor cold and flu every year. I haven’t had cold nor flu since I went vegan. I have build up so much more endurance and built up a stronger immune system with my vegan diet especially eating more raw fruits and vegetables. I also noticed my body recovers much faster too when I stick with a high (80~90%) raw vegan diet. 
3. Can you share with us one of your favourite recipes?
Sure!! This recipe is my own invention which came out real tasty and it’s called “Raw & Vegan Crab Cakes”.
You can check out how I made it on my Youtube video that I posted on my blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. What is your message to people that are thinking of going vegan but are hesitating?
Very good question. There are always people full of opinions and opposition to what you are trying to do especially when it’s something that’s not familiar to every average Joe in town. Remember you are doing it for you and must do your own due diligence before jumping into anything pertaining to a lifestyle change. I would say find a person who is already successful at it in your circle or if you don’t know anyone you can always search online and get a coach or find ways to get support from any vegan sites and vegan community networks so you will have a good basic knowledge to begin with. Have any nutritional concerns or any other concerns you may have, answered first.  Don’t force and push things but take your time and do it at your own pace. This is a journey and with any transition it is a process for transformation. Hesitation means you are not sure of things or may have fear so just be honest with your self and find the answers first to address that fear and you’ll be on your way!
5. Anything else you would like to add?
One of my missions is to help as many people as I can and to share these great benefits of a plant-based diet . Our true happiness, peace and wealth is dependent greatly by our health so I am eager to share my own experiences and testimony in hopes that many will benefit. I have started a blog so you can explore the compassionate lifestyle, so check it out. 
In addition I have started a mission called “Operation Rise ‘N Shine” to raise awareness regarding health, self improvement, fitness, wellness and other cool topics, educating the public in an entertaining way by providing media content. Just kicked off recently this summer with a radio show so please feel free to check it out!!
And lastly, I have my music site where I will be singing, recording and performing, spreading the good vibes and animal liberation in mind.
Connect with me on these social networking sites;
My personal FB page
Youtube main channel

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