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Plant-powered Men is now on Amazon!

Plant-powered Men front coverHi cool vegans!

After nearly a year in the making, Plant-powered Men is finally available to read and enjoy.

Plant-powered Men just listed on Amazon.com. It’s a great feeling to be able to finally share the inspiring words of the 38 men who wrote for the book, with the world.

The initial idea to put this book together came to me after noticing that it is sometimes harder for men to go vegan than it is for women. There seems to be a lot of pressure on men to live up to the ‘macho’ stereotype. I personally know many vegan men who are strong, fit and healthy. I thought it would be great to bring them all together to inspire, encourage and support other men who were interested in transitioning to the vegan lifestyle.

Plant-powered Men is written entirely by vegan men who are confident in their vegan lifestyle and happy to share their knowledge, thoughts and tips about going vegan and staying vegan for life.

The main goal of the book was to compile something especially for men but many women have enjoyed reading it too, for its humour and candid approach to the topic of veganism and health. Many of the men are really funny at times!

This is one of my favourite quotes from Chapter One:

“Guys – impotence, bad breath, bad skin, heart disease, arthritis, flatulence, obesity and animal torture are not sexy or macho. If for no other reason than being more attractive, start discovering delicious plant-based foods.”

Dan Schulz, Plant-powered Men

Until next time…have a vegantastic day!


8 thoughts on “Plant-powered Men is now on Amazon!

  1. I wish you so much luck and success for this book. It is so needed and I will do what I can to promote it. I should get The Farmer reading it in the film!!!! (Will write that in). lots of love Billie

    Billie Dean http://www.billiedean.com http://www.wildpureheart.com http://www.deeppeacetrust.com billie@wildpureheart.com

    “Deep peace for all species.” Billie Dean Wild Pure Heart Productions — Arts And Animal Advocacy A Place of Peace 2012 Vegan of the Year Award for Outstanding Animal Rights/Animal Rescue organisation

  2. A much needed book for the male species! Vegan men make women melt!! Thanks to Kathy Divine for all her wonderful books….she is living proof that the plant powered humans are cool, forever young and inspirational!!

    • Awesome! Enjoy! 🙂 Please feel free to share your review of the book on the Amazon page. Would love to read your thoughts.

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