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The Vegan of the Year Awards 2013

The Vegan of the Year Awards 2013

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So what is it all about?

The Vegan of the Year awards strive to recognise the achievements of talented and dedicated vegans worldwide. A quick online search reveals countless vegans worldwide doing amazing things to help save the lives of innocent animals. We want to recognise these great people for the work they are doing in their area to promote the vegan lifestyle. Vegans deserve worldwide applause, so these awards are our way of saying “you are so vegan awesome”! 🙂

Who can enter?

Entry is open to all vegans worldwide and is free. You must have strictly followed the vegan lifestyle for at least 1 year with the intention of being vegan for life.

The vegan lifestyle encompasses the following of a plant-based diet, all clothing and all personal products being vegan and not using any other animal products and not using animals in any way for entertainment or any other purpose.

From 2013 onwards, nominees for the Outstanding Vegan Business Award must be businesses owned by ethical vegans. i.e., business owners that are vegan because they love and respect animals as a priority and will always keep their business 100 percent vegan, for life.

What are the categories for 2013?

1. Vegan of the Year – male and female

2. Young Vegan of the Year (under 18 years old) – male and female

3. Outstanding Vegan Website

4. Outstanding Animal Activist (must be vegan)

5. Outstanding Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Organisation (must have vegan and no-kill philosophy)

6. Outstanding Vegan Business

7. Outstanding Vegan Restaurant

8. Outstanding Vegan Athlete – male and female

9. Outstanding Vegan Author

10. Outstanding Vegan Musician/Entertainer

11. Outstanding Vegan Media Outlet – ie. vegan magazine, vegan TV, vegan radio etc..

12. Outstanding Vegan Non-Profit Organisation. ie. Vegan societies, Vegan advocacy organisations etc..

How do I enter?

All entries must be sent to vegansarecool@gmail.com with the subject header: Vegan of the Year awards. Please include the following in your entry:

1. In body of email – name, postal address and email address of the nominee. Please include here the categories you want to be considered for. You can nominate for more than one category. All entrants are automatically considered for category 1. Vegan of the Year.

2. In a word document, please explain why your nominee should win. Entries should be between 100 – 2000 words max. Please include any websites and/or social media pages that represent the work of the nominee.

3. Please include 1 – 3 photos of the nominee.

What do the winners receive?

Vegan of the Year winners receive a certificate and the worldwide admiration of the vegan community (arguably the best prize ever!) The Outstanding Vegan Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Organisation for 2013 receive the above prize plus a cash prize; the amount to be announced after the fundraising dinner, which is being held on October 5th, in Brisbane, Australia. Email vegansarecool@gmail.com if you would like an invitation to the dinner.

What is the deadline for entry and when will the winners by announced?

All entries should be emailed to us by September 30th 2013 (GMT time). Winners will be announced on VegansAreCool.com on October 15th 2013.

Please share this post with the worldwide vegan community on your blogs, podcasts, Facebook pages, Twitter and any other way you can think of! Cheers!

Any questions?

Email vegansarecool@gmail.com

Good luck! 

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