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Plant-powered Men is free this weekend!

Hi Cool Vegans!

Exciting news!  This weekend, Plant-powered Men will be free to download from Amazon (the Kindle version). Please share this news with as many people as possible, especially anyone who is curious about taking the vegan plunge. You don’t need a Kindle to be able to read it. There is an App on the page that you can use to read the book on your computer or tablet.

I would love as many people as possible to take the opportunity to download Plant-powered Men for free and share it with their friends and networks.

The aim of putting together Plant-powered Men was to create a resource that would give people who wanted to go vegan, the encouragement and inspiration to go for it. The feedback we have received so far has been amazing. The men who wrote for the book are truly giving people the courage and inspiration they need to go vegan! 

Here is the link to download the book for free:

PPM Low Res

The book will be free on Saturday 28th September and Sunday 29th September 2013, USA time.  After these dates it reverts to the usual (but very affordable) price of $8.80.

After reading it, you are welcome to join in the conversation on the Amazon page. I would love to read your feedback:

Please feel free to share this news with your entire universe of friends, family, networks, neighbours and work colleagues and anyone else I haven’t mentioned.

Thank you so much!!

Have a great (Plant-Powered) weekend!

Kathy xx

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