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Honour Vegan Men Day is on 30th November

Honour Vegan Men Day

Hi Cool Vegans!

I’m very excited about sharing the details of Honour Vegan Men Day with you. Since starting work on Plant-powered Men I have had the goal of showing the world how amazing vegan men are. I wanted to help inspire other people to follow in their footsteps and erase any doubts they have about embarking on a vegan lifestyle.

Honour Vegan Men Day is happening on 30th November. To celebrate all that is vegantastic about vegan men I am offering a two-for-one book special. With Christmas rapidly approaching, Plant-powered Men is without a doubt a great gift for all members of the family. So without further ado, this is the special:

Buy Plant-powered Men on Honour Vegan Men Day (Saturday 30th November) on Amazon.com, and receive the Vegans Are Cool (e-book) FREE. Simply email your Amazon.com receipt to plantpoweredmen@gmail.com to receive the free Vegans Are Cool e-book.

In addition, mention your favourite vegan charity in the email and $2 from each book you purchase will go to them.

We are aiming to show the world that vegan men are number one and honouring them with the number one position on Amazon.com on 30 November!

Happy Thanksgiving

Being from Australia, I only just found out from an American friend that the 30th November is also Thanksgiving time in the US. I would like to wish our friends in the US a very Happy Thanksgiving. May we all extend our thanks to all animals, including beautiful turkeys, for their presence on earth and grant them the freedom and peace they deserve. I’m thankful for the men who participated in Plant-powered Men as their words are creating positive change for many around the world and saving the lives of countless animals in the process.

Martin Dingle Wall with his turkey friendMartin Dingle-Wall, actor and plant-powered man with his turkey friend

Plant-powered Men in the Media

An extract from Chapter one of Plant-powered Men was published by The Scavenger online magazine recently. Here’s the link:


I was recently interviewed by Animal Rights Zone. We talked about why men need their own vegan book and lots of interesting issues about veganism. Check it out here:


Have a great week and happy happy Honour Vegan Men Day

Kathy Divine


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