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The Ultimate Arm Wrestle Challenge: meat eater vs vegan

Hi cool vegans!

There have been somewhat unkind advertisements directed towards vegans broadcasting in Australia recently.

Meat and Livestock Australia are trying their best to tell people to eat lamb on Australia Day and that eating vegan food is un-Australian and leads to weakness etc. The usual attempt at brainwashing.

Our response? Show us how strong and healthy you are by arm wrestling a vegan on national television!

Dan Schulz one of the stars from Plant-powered Men will arm wrestle lamb-eater Sam Kekovich (the spokesperson for the Meat and Livestock Australia ad campaign) on national television. We have a prime time TV program agreeing to broadcast the arm wrestle, as long as Sam agrees to it.

So Sam: are you up for the challenge?

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Arm Wrestle Challenge: meat eater vs vegan

  1. I doubt Sam could win an arm wrestle with a spider, even if it had seven arms tied behind its back. He’s unlikely to accept a challenge to participate in something he KNOWS he’ll fail at.

  2. Phil Rasmussen has won 7 australian arm wrestling federation championships. Vegan for many years. Contact him on the aaf site if he can help! 🙂

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