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Vegan Comedian Rodney Todd Shares his Plant-Powered Journey

Rodney Todd

1. How long have you been vegan for and what prompted you to make the switch?

I’ve been vegan for eight years. I had a few vegan friends who inspired me, and I was already vegetarian. I was going to the Green Gourmet a lot (a vegan restaurant in Sydney) and so I thought I would give veganism a go, and I stuck to it. I also attended a vegan festival, which I found to be inspirational as well. It was a bit hard at the time. But now veganism is easy with even chocolate bars and lots of sweet stuff, so we are not really missing out.

2. What are the benefits of being vegan?

I would have to say the best benefit is being served first on flights. That is definitely a great benefit. That’s good.

3. Can you share a funny vegan story with us?

I went to a vegan singles night a few years ago. I was really looking forward to it because I was expecting there to be lots of single women and not many men, so I thought this was going to be good for me. When I arrived, I scanned the venue and quickly realised that of the 20 people there, 18 were tall, buff looking, strong men. Not what I expected at all. Weird night.

Another funny thing that happened was at a wedding I attended with 150 other guests last week. There were two vegans and one vegetarian, including me. The vegetarian and vegan food was served first, and so, all the guests started eating our food! I had to quickly find the two other vegetarian/vegan people and grab some food for us so we didn’t miss out!

4. Do you have any shows coming up?

Yes! I’ll be performing my show “Empathy for Pelicans” at the Sydney Comedy Festival in May. I’m also hoping to go to Edinburgh this year for the festival there.

Thanks Rodney!

To buy tickets to Rodney’s Sydney shows click here

Connect with Rodney:

                                       @Rodney_Todd (Twitter)

Rodney Todd flyer

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