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Plant-Powered Women: a sneak peek and win a free book!

Hi cool vegans!

Soon Plant-Powered Men will have a companion: Plant-Powered Women. It is shaping up to be an amazing collection of inspirational writings by vegan women from around the globe. From athletes to feminists, to CEOs to animal activists, this book is for anyone who is interested in reading about the journeys of vegan women who are pioneers in their fields and who are doing tremendous things to progress the vegan movement worldwide.


Here are a couple of quotes from Plant-Powered Women:

Working with dedicated volunteers, staff and trustees is a pleasure, and it is a rare opportunity to be able to make one’s life passion into one’s career. Leading an organisation through change is not easy, but perseverance, belief in doing the right thing, and then seeing results is incredibly rewarding. Without enthusiastic people with the same motivation to want to make a difference, an organisation may struggle to thrive. Nurturing people’s creativity and providing an environment in which relevant stakeholders are involved in the organisation contributes towards success. However, with over 60 billion animals still killed annually for food and other purposes, I am well aware that our work is far from finished. Together, rallying behind a united vision of reducing and eliminating suffering and death, and protecting the most vulnerable in society, it is our moral imperative to do whatever we can to help other animals.”

Jasmijn de Boo, CEO, The Vegan Society

Chapter 6, Vegan Advocacy Pioneers, Plant-Powered Women


Can you share a few tips with us to make our vegan recipes really tasty, so we can prepare great meals for our non-vegan relatives and friends?

1. Cook for your audience. I use to do that even as a non vegan. I loved pastries and custards but if cooking for my mum who doesn’t, I use to offer up roasted salted cashews or fruit for “dessert”. My in-laws are dairy farmers and they also like basic style cooking, so I never whip out the tofu. Instead, I am more inclined to make a rich tomato based penne with crisp garden salad and homemade garlic bread. If I am making them lunch I often serve a simple canned tomato soup accompanied with toasted avocado and tomato sandwiches. My parents, however, love Indian, Asian, Mexican and spicy dishes, so I serve them lentils or spicy enchiladas and offer up my latest experiment no matter how foreign it may seem to them. If I am going to an event where tastes are varied, I take something that most people love, like rich coconut truffles or chocolate cake.

2. Cook within your limits. If you have your vegan cooking L (learner’s) plates on, making vegan nachos with refried beans, guacamole, salsa, sweet corn and a simple cashew cheese may be a better approach than attempting your first cutlet made with seitan if you want to impress and when you have a group of non-vegans coming over.

3. Learn a couple of gorgeous dishes that you feel really comfortable doing that most people will love. Sway people with a no-brainer crowd pleaser such as a delicious chocolate cake. Yes, I have repeated myself and used chocolate cake as an example again, but almost everyone loves chocolate cake and it can be something you take to any event or occasion!

4. Master a dish before revealing it and having it reviewed.”

Mel Baker, vegan chef

Chapter 2, The Foodie and the Chef, Plant-Powered Women

To celebrate the launch of Plant-Powered Women, I’ll be giving away some free copies! In order to make it funtastic, send in a creative/fun/zany/vegantastic photo with Plant-Powered Men or any of my other books, to be in the running to win. I’ll put all of the entries on the Vegans Are Cool website, so if you have a vegan blog or business you would like to promote, include your website link too. Send the photo and your website link (if you have one) to kathy (at) kathydivine.com. Good luck!





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