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Zak Shelton on the Rising Demand for Vegan Men’s Products

Zak SheltonZak Shelton from Vegan Cuts recently contacted me to tell me about their new gift box, the Vegan Men’s Grooming Box. Having just completed a book about vegan men, I was keen to check it out, as plant-powered food is only one part of being vegan. Being able to have access to vegan grooming and other personal products is a crucial part of living a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle. With so many men going vegan, I was relieved to hear about a box of products specially designed with vegan men in mind.

I wasn’t disappointed! These products are amazing! High quality, lovely smelling and does-the-job-awesomely products that are suitable for any man (or woman…I loved them!)

I did a mini-interview with Zak after trying the products:


What prompted you to create a box especially for men?


We decided to create a box especially for men because we wanted to acknowledge two things: 1) that there are countless well groomed vegan men out there; and 2) there are so many amazing brands that cater to them. We are determined to be a place in the vegan community where people can discover the best vegan products. We get such incredible engagement from our Beauty Box and we wanted to create something for the men in our community as well as for the women who have men in their lives.


Are you seeing a rise in men interested in your (vegan) products?


This being our first endeavor geared strictly toward men, I think the answer to your question lies in the response we got from our community. This box sold out within the first week (which is amazing!) and that told us several things, not the least of which being that there is an incredible demand for something like this within our community. With that being said we have decided to create a second instalment of the box, with new products and new brands. We cannot wait to see how this one does and we are so excited to continue to deliver the best products in the market for every need. Stay tuned for more details about the second Men’s Grooming Box to be release in October by following us on Twitter and Instagram @vegancuts and don’t forget to add us on Facebook!


Thanks Zak!

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