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Plant-Powered Women is available to pre-order now!

Plant-Powered Women coverHi cool vegans!


It’s a well known fact that vegan women are amazing individuals. They are often found pioneering a cause for animals and working together for a better world for all.


I was very fortunate to be able to bring together 30 of these outstanding women in my new book Plant-Powered Women. I received the proof copy today and was so excited to see the work of these women come to life in the book.

There is a page on Indiegogo where you can pre-order your copies of
Plant-Powered Women. For every copy of Plant-Powered Women I sell from the pre-order campaign, I will be able to print five copies of my books to give away in countries that do not have adequate access to vegan books.


For more details about my plans to provide free books overseas, please check out the Indiegogo page.


It would be amazingly amazing if you could share the campaign page with your friends and networks: http://igg.me/at/ppwomen


If you are a vegan blogger, I am more than ecstatic to do an interview with you about Plant-Powered Women and my book translation projects.


On the Indiegogo page you will find the full contents list detailing who contributed to Plant-Powered Women and what the topic of their submission is.


Here’s a quote from the book:

Since I became a vegan I have also realised the profound disrespect and abuse that people constantly perpetrate against animals. I love my planet and I do not want it to become poisoned and barren and I do not want animals to unnecessarily suffer, be subjected to violence and killed just for the greed of humans.

We do not need to eat animals and in fact it contributes to the destruction of our health. We do not need to wear animal clothing or use animal products. What we do need to be is smarter thinkers and more compassionate to other species and to be in spiritual harmony with other creatures and the earth.” – Dr Tracie O’Keefe, Chapter 1, Plant-Powered Health Professionals

The book will also be available soon from Amazon and other online bookstores, in paperback and e-book.


Have a vegantastic day!


Kathy xx

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