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The Sydney Vegan Expo and Plant-Powered Women!

expo 2014 poster


Hi cool vegans!

The Sydney Vegan Expo is happening on August 3rd in Sydney, Australia. It is a great day for exploring cruelty-free products, listening to talks by vegan nutritionists and athletes, being entertained by a vegan comedian (the amazingly talented Vegan Smythe) and eating loads of delicious vegan food.

I’ll be launching my new book Plant-Powered Women at the Sydney Vegan Expo. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of cool vegans and chatting about all things vegan there. Please come by my stall and say hi!

We’ve recently uploaded the photos of the women featured in Plant-Powered Women. Check out a quote from each woman and their photos here. The book is now available to buy from Amazon and will be available from other online bookstores soon. You can get personalised signed copies of the book here.

In the past few weeks, I’ve done interviews with Raw Kiwi, Vegan Publishers and the Kirra Post. I’m looking forward to speaking to AR Zone too and doing more interviews to spread the vegan message. If you are a fellow blogger and would like to interview me, I welcome your questions!

Until next time, have a vegantastic day!

Kathy xx

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4 thoughts on “The Sydney Vegan Expo and Plant-Powered Women!

  1. Way to go Kat, glad you wrote this amazing, exciting book. I can’t wait to get one and read about it. Considering it, this book is one of the quickest one you wrote. So proud of you, good on you.

  2. Thanks Carol! It was mostly written by 30 amazing vegan women from around the world. I just compiled and edited it. I appreciate your kind words of support and your assistance with transcribing the interviews. You are an awesome Vegans Are Cool team member. 🙂

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