plant-powered parents and children

Vegan parents and children: have your say!

PPP and C imageHi cool vegans!

We are working on a book that will illustrate to people that raising children vegan is a healthy lifestyle choice. We welcome your contribution!

Whether you want to submit a few tips or want to write an entire article, you are free to contribute in any way that interests you. You are also welcome to include your vegan lunchbox recipes or any other recipes you think families would love to try. You can contribute anonymously or with your real name included.

We would love to interview or receive articles from vegan mums (moms), dads, children and teenagers, as well as adults that were raised vegan. Articles can focus on one issue related to being a vegan parent or child, or you can write something general about your experiences. Please let me know the topic you are planning to write about to avoid duplication. If you would like to be interviewed, please let us know and we will send back questions.

At the end of your submission, please feel free to include your website and/or social media links, so readers can connect with you. Some people also choose to include an email address.

You can also be featured on Please include a photo (a family photo or one of yourself), with your submission, to go on the website. To see an example of this, go to

The plan is for this book to be translated into several languages, so the potential reach is very promising. The book will be available to purchase from all of the major online bookstores as a paperback, as well as an e-book from Amazon.

All contributors must be strict vegans, both in terms of diet and lifestyle, with the intention of being vegan for life.

“Vegans do not consume, wear or use animals or take part in activities to do with the exploitation of animals.” (Butterflies Katz, Vegans Are Cool, 2011)

Please join us to show the world vegan children are healthy, intelligent, active and energetic. Together we can do it!

To join this vegan community project, send a message to:

7 thoughts on “Vegan parents and children: have your say!

  1. Hi :-), What a marvelous project this is. May I please contribute to have my story included. I ask because I am not a parent no children just myself.  Thank Ewe (giggle) Eve Yvette-Louise

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  2. This sounds great. I host the country’s biggest vegetarian Thanksgiving – – and am quite busy till after the holiday – is there a time frame for this? I could more productively contribute in the new year, if there is flexibility. Thanks.

  3. I would like to be interviewed. I am a vegan single mom of 4 and while my kids hop off the vegan train from time to time, we still keep a plant based lifestyle as our base and goal. I love to bake and would love to share a recipe for a baked oatmeal, muffins, or cookies, whatever you are in need of actually. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I have been vegan for several years now, and I raised my son as a vegan since he was born. I’d love to contribute in the way of recipes, and the interview if possible! 🙂

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