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Stress relief tips with vegan naturopath Eve Nguyen

Create CalmCan you tell us a bit about your book Create Calm at Work Create Calm in Life?

The book teaches people how to create more calm at work and in life. I drew on my own experience with work place stress and methods I used to manage and overcome it. I also drew on my insights as a Naturopath to share information that many people overlook about how food and nutrition can affect your concentration, mood, memory, energy levels, nervous system and immune system. These all have an effect on how well you do your job and how resilient you are to stress. The book outlines different strategies to create calm ranging from becoming more efficient at work, overcoming procrastination, positive mind talk and praise, sleep quality, meditation and other ways to become more peaceful and calm.

How have people reacted to the information in the “Food, Mood & Attitude” chapter?

People have been surprised at the information in this chapter. For example people have been surprised to learn about the benefits of getting omega 3 (EPA and DHA) from seaweed rather than from fish. Its cleaner, doesn’t have the toxicity associated with fish oil and it’s more environmentally friendly which also benefits us.

Other people have been surprised to learn that many people are low in vitamin D even though they have a tan, and that being low in vitamin D can affect our mental outlook. Women have been relieved to find that there are certain nutrients that may help them if they are suffering from PMS or PMT.

People have showed a lot of interest in the section about losing weight and are amazed to learn how high protein diets can negatively affect their health and mental outlook. Many people are on weight loss diets and these can severely affect not only their mood, but also their work performance and their ability to deal with stress in general.

Many people derive their nutrition information from the media which often isn’t in their best interest. So for many people the information in this chapter is new, surprising, helpful and motivational.

You have created a free recipe guide based on the information in the Food, Mood & Attitude chapter. Can you tell us a bit about this?

The recipe guide is for healthy afternoon tea recipes. It contains delicious recipes that can be enjoyed for morning tea, afternoon tea, snacks or desserts! It has colour pictures and it also contains some nutrition information at the end of each recipe. It shows people that healthy food is tasty and teaches people how to prepare healthy food. Many people want to eat healthy food but they have no idea about how to prepare nutritious food! So this is a good place to start.

In all of my workplaces, colleagues and managers have consistently observed what I am eating, asked about how I made it, how to say funny words like “quinoa”, what certain ingredients are and what they taste like. And they all want to know how I stay so slim! Eating healthy foods at work can not only give you a more steady supply of energy, improve mental focus and resilience to stress but it can also motivate co-workers to eat healthier as well.

The recipe guide is available for free on my website:

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What feedback have you had about the Create Calm book?

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback! I was really happy when someone described it as being “digestible”. I tried to write the book keeping in mind that the people reading it would be overwhelmed and stressed. The Kindle version has a lot of pictures which was important for me to bring colour and beauty to the book to make people feel more uplifted and inspired and to help get some of the important messages across.

My Mum’s friend was recently diagnosed with cancer and I was touched to learn that it was helping her through this stressful time. Another friend just told me that she gave it to Directors at her work as a Christmas gift. A community development worker commented that the information about positive mind talk was particularly helpful. People have also commented that they really liked the case studies in the book and that they learned more about themselves from reading them.

Do you have any other thoughts?

Creating calm is an asset for anyone to have – whether it be at work, volunteer work, or activism. It is a true asset to have in life. Many of us have not grown up with role models that create calm in a positive and uplifting way. But this is changing. Many people are looking for ways to create more calm in order to achieve better quality of life, happiness, improved relationships and improved health and wellbeing. These people are enjoying the sense of liberation and empowerment that creating calm brings!

You can buy the book here.

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