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Raw Kiwi blogger Nicole English on creating easy raw vegan recipes

Nicole English

What inspired you to start your website www.rawkiwi.com?

It began as a way for me to document my recipes really. I had been eating a raw vegan diet for a few years but I hardly ever used recipes or wrote anything down. When friends and family started asking me how to make certain things, I realised that this was the direction I should move in. When I first began changing my diet, the key to making it a smooth transition was keeping my meals really simple. There were a lot of complicated gourmet raw recipes online which (however lovely sounding) didn’t really appeal to my lifestyle. Starting Raw Kiwi was a way for me to show other people that you could maintain a high raw lifestyle without having to spend hours in the kitchen prepping and dehydrating food.

What have you found are the benefits of eating raw vegan food?

There are so many benefits, energy for one. I don’t feel tired throughout the day. I stay up late and get up early. Having five young children, life gets pretty hectic but by maintaining a raw diet 90% of the time it means that I’m able to keep up with the demands of raising a large family. Some of the other benefits include: better digestion, an improvement in hormone function and no more rosacea. These are all great things of course, but the greatest benefit has been the positive effect on my mood and mindset. I am much more content within myself, much happier and I no longer suffer from debilitating anxiety and low self-esteem.

You have an e-book out now. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Yes that’s correct! Nourish Yourself contains 35 simple smoothies/juices, meals and dessert recipes. All free from gluten, soy and refined sugar. I wanted to share the same kinds of foods that first appealed to me when I first started out, and have continued to enjoy for the past six years.


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What is your favourite breakfast for an energetic start to the day?

Fruit! I either eat a mono meal of watermelon, grapes or oranges, or I make a large simple smoothie of water, bananas and spinach. The easier the food digests, the more energy you will have.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. For most of my life I thought that food was just food. That it didn’t really matter what you ate. That certainly isn’t the case. Food really is medicine that affects both your mind and body. It isn’t meant to be used as a way to punish or reward us – only to nourish. Every time you put food into your mouth, it will have either a positive or negative outcome. Choose the positive. Thanks very much Kathy for allowing me to share some of my journey here today.

Check out Nicole’s book here:


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