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Vegan Tuck Box interview and our review of their latest box

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Greetings cool vegans!

We caught up with Kelly Slade co-founder of Vegan Tuck Box recently. This is how it went:

What inspired you to start a vegan business? 

We are passionate about making veganism accessible for all so we set up Vegan Tuck Box to make vegan products more widely available and easier to obtain. 

We are both long term vegans who have been involved in vegan outreach for many years including organising the Vegan Pledge – where participants try going vegan for one month. Meeting lots of wannabe vegans gave us lots of useful insights into the challenges people face when transitioning to a vegan diet. We discovered  that finding quality vegan snacks can be a stumbling block to achieving a more compassionate lifestyle.  Some also find reading labels time consuming and are unsure of which products are vegan. So we launched Vegan Tuck Box making it easier for everyone to go, stay and enjoy being vegan. We save you the trouble of looking for vegan products and reading the labels. We scour the globe for the tastiest, new and most exciting plant-based items and deliver them to your door in a surprise box each month. 

What has the response been so far to your vegan box? 

Our customers love Vegan Tuck Box! They say it’s like having a birthday or Christmas every month. Subscription boxes have taken off in a big way since we started in October 2013 and we’re just glad that we can provide a 100% vegan service. Before we launched there wasn’t a subscription box for vegans in the UK. Below are a couple of quotes from two of our happy customers: 

It’s such a joy to open the Tuck Box each month and see what goodies VTB have chosen for us! I have been able to experience lots of wonderful new snacks, adding to my ever growing passion for vegan living.” 

I await receiving my Vegan Tuck Box each month like a child waiting for Christmas! I love opening my box to find what delights are in store for me. My Vegan Tuck Box is one luxury I can’t live without!” 

What are your future plans for your business? 

Vegan Tuck Box is a service for vegans so we’re led by what our customers need and would like. Our customers asked for a smaller box so we gave them two size choices. We also launched a gluten free box in response to customer feedback.  We’re currently surveying new customers to find out if there are any other types of vegan boxes besides our current snack box that they need.  We’ll see what the survey says!  

So our future plans will be led by our customers and the vegan market, and we will continue to support new and independent vegan businesses and make it as easy as possible for people to live a compassionate life. 

Do you have any advice for people looking to launch vegan businesses? 

Be innovative and start something new!  The availability of vegan products and services is growing, but there are still items which are hard for vegans to find.  

Do you have any special offers for the VegansAreCool.com readers? 

Of course! Just use the code blog20 at checkout and get 20% off your first box. Then sit back and wait for your vegan box of goodies to arrive at your door.  

Order here: www.vegantuckbox.co.uk

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The lovely people at Vegan Tuck Box sent us their Classic Box to review. Tamsin had the tough job of testing all the box items! Here is her review:

As someone who works hard physically all day, I was absolutely delighted to open up the Vegan Tuck Box and find a ton of goodies that I could just grab and snack on through the day. In my particular box I received:

Angelic Cranberry & Sunflower seed oat biscuits.

Roots Vegetable Chips

GoMarco Protein bar

Quibbles Sour Cream and Onion Cashews

Provamel Coconut Almond Milk

Milkless Polar White Dream chocolate bar

Vanttastic Vayomanise

Nudie Coconut Chips

Pearls Of Samarkand Himalaya mix

Taking The Pea Sweet Chilli Salsa Peas

Ollybars All Day Breakfast Bar

Coco Caravan Sweet Orange Caramel Raw Chocolate Bar

Torino Swiss Dark Chocolate

First up was the Go Macro protein bar. I snagged it out of the box at 8 in the morning as I dashed outside to move goats into their appropriate day time paddock. The bar was delicious, nutty and chewy and I just loved the peanut butter taste, though unfortunately so did one of the more naughty goats! I had to tempt him with hay so he’d stop looking wistfully at the delicious bar after he’d tried to snag a bite. It held me over till breakfast (an hour later!) and I half wished the box had been full of them.

The next thing on the list to try was a toss up between the three chocolates. Naturally, I decided to try them all in one sitting and regretfully I ended up being made to share with the other chocaholics in the house. The Torino Swiss Dark Chocolate was melt in your mouth divine (and my favourite out of all the things I tasted), the Polar White Dream was literally a dream come true, and I’d been wanting to try the Milkless brand for weeks now! The Sweet Orange Caramel was a mix of the best things about veganism (compassionate food, raw food, and chocolate) rolled into one.

Next up were the vegetable chips. I’d never had chips like these before but you can sure believe I’ll be looking for them every chance I get. Salty, crisp, and a multitude of flavours. The only downside was the opening of the bag alerted one of the rescued dogs who is most practiced in puppy eyes. It was very, very hard to say no, so I retreated back to my room to start work on one of my own projects.

Then it was time for a late lunch. Yet another thing I had been wanting to try for a while now was vegan mayo, and it went great on my salad sandwich, I saved some for later too!

Afternoons should always be served with a cup of tea and a cookie, and fortunately the Cranberry and sunflower seed oat biscuits were right there ready and waiting. I’ve always loved oat biscuits of any kind and this was another to add to the long list of favourites. Perfect with a cup of Earl Grey and enough to go around for everyone.

Overall, I loved the box. It’s a great treat to have ready-to-go snacks for the week (even if I did eat half of them on the first day out of sheer excitement) and I would recommend it to anyone, whether you’re just new to veganism and you’re wondering what easy food you can find or if you’ve been vegan for a while now and just want something new around the house. 

Tamsin with box

                                                                                                                                       Photography: Andrew Einspruch

Tamsin Dean Einspruch runs A Place of Peace, a vegan animal sanctuary in Australia with her parents Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch. A Place of Peace is a Vegan of the Year Award winner.

Follow Tamsin on Twitter: @MismatchNismat

To order your very own Vegan Tuck Box click here.

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