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The Vegan of the Year Awards 2015 Nominations Are Now Open!

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Vegan of the Year Awards 2015!

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The Vegan of the Year Awards recognise the achievements of talented and dedicated vegans worldwide. A quick online search reveals countless vegans worldwide doing amazing things to help save the lives of innocent animals. We want to recognise these great people for the work they are doing in their area to promote the vegan lifestyle. Vegans deserve worldwide applause, so these awards are our way of saying “you are vegan awesome!”

Who can enter?

Entry is open to all vegans worldwide and is free of charge. Nominees must have strictly followed the vegan lifestyle for at least one year with the intention of being vegan for life.

The vegan lifestyle encompasses a life completely free of the use of animals and their by-products. Essentially, this means: 1. Adherence to a 100% plant-based diet (no animal meat, fish, eggs, dairy or honey etc.); 2. All clothing and personal products worn and used must be vegan; and 3. Not using animals in any way for entertainment or any other purpose. This is not an exhaustive definition but just examples of the ways by which vegans live their lifestyle. Vegans do not use or consume any animal products or by-products. (the repetition here is deliberate).

From 2013 onwards, nominees for the Outstanding Vegan Business Award must be businesses owned by ethical vegans. i.e. business owners that are vegan because they love and respect animals as a priority and for this reason, will always keep their business 100 percent vegan, for life.

From 2015 onwards, the Vegan of the Year Awards will strive for intersectionality across all categories, with a special award dedicated to individuals who are specifically working towards an intersectional world.

What is Intersectional Veganism?

– It is the understanding that all oppression, human and animal, is intimately linked.

– It is a serious attempt to undermine and deconstruct this oppression for all species.”

(definition quoted from Intersectional Vegans Australia FB group)

What’s new this year?

One new category: Outstanding Intersectional Approach to Veganism.

What are the categories for 2015?

1. Vegan of the Year

2. Young Vegan of the Year (under 21 years old)

3. Outstanding Vegan Website

4. Outstanding Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Organisation (must have a vegan and no-kill philosophy)

5. Outstanding Vegan Business

6. Outstanding Vegan Restaurant

7. Outstanding Vegan Athlete

8. Outstanding Vegan Innovator

9. Outstanding Vegan Volunteer

10. Outstanding Vegan Creative (e.g. photographer, musician, designer, author etc..)

11. Outstanding Vegan Media Outlet (e.g. vegan magazine, vegan TV, vegan radio etc..)

12. Outstanding Vegan Food Blogger

13. Outstanding Vegan Social Media Outreach

14. Outstanding Vegan Professional (e.g. naturopath, medical doctor, journalist, dietician, lawyer, academic etc..)

15. Outstanding Intersectional Approach to Veganism ( nominees can be vegans who are also eligible for any of the above categories)

We want your nominations!

You can nominate by writing the name of the person, business or organisation in a comment under this blog post or by emailing The more information you include about the nominee, the better, but if you only have limited information about them, that’s fine too. Including the nominee’s website/social media links is very helpful. You can nominate the same person, organisation or business for multiple award categories.

If you know of someone who you feel deserves an Award but doesn’t fit into the above categories, please nominate them anyway and let us know why they deserve an Award. If they are that vegan awesome, we may invent a category just for them!

Key Dates:

Nominations close: 14 September, 2015

Winners announced: 28 September, 2015

What do the winners receive?

All winners receive a certificate and a web badge/logo, that they are free to use in any way they choose. Many past winners use the certificate and winner’s badge on their websites, in their shop windows and on social media. Many past winners also use their Award status to get media articles written about them. It is a great opportunity to raise your profile among the vegan and non-vegan community.

Any questions?


Please share the content of this post with the worldwide vegan community on your blogs, podcasts, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and any other way you can think of! Cheers and good luck to all nominees!

115 thoughts on “The Vegan of the Year Awards 2015 Nominations Are Now Open!

  1. Outstanding Vegan Restaurant: Loving Hut
    Outstanding Vegan Athlete: Durianrider (Harley Johnstone)
    Outstanding Vegan Media Outlet: Ryan and Anji from Happy Healthy Vegan
    Outstanding Vegan Food Blogger: VeganAsh
    Vegan of the Year: Gary Yourofsky

  2. This could only be Freelee the Banana Girl. Her relentless campaign to convert people to Veganism has been rewarded with amazing results that very few others could match.

  3. Hi, my name is Cindy and I am nominating Rebecca Winnicki for her company Homemade Betty LLC. She is a vegan and runs a vegan skin care line. She makes everything from scratch herself and is well known for her vegan skin care. I use all her products and I love the fact that she takes pride in her work and making sure that transparent skin care is safe for everyone! My email is if you have additional questions.
    Please take a look at her site.

    Thank you, Cindy

  4. Outstanding Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Organisation: Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary. (It is their 10th anniversary, and do such good work, providing a home for ex-farm/abused animals)

  5. The best animal charity is Calf animal sanctuary in Scarborough North Yorkshire.
    The best food I have ever had is Calf cafe in Scarborough

  6. I vote for All Glamour No Guts. Their products are class and their owner, Lou, helped me immensely when I changed into a vegan lifestyle a few months ago. Xx

  7. I would like to nominate Andy Faulkner he runs a business Hey DJ. He is 100 percent devoted and passionate about seeing the world change to becoming vegans particularly helping the new generation learn and understand about what a wonderful way of life being a vegan is. He is inspiring and brings many new and fun and out of the box ways of capturing attention. He is larger than life and lights up like a Christmas Tree when he is in the presence of ANY AND ALL ANIMALS.

  8. I would like to nominate James Aspey (Voiceless365) for Vegan of the Year! James Aspey is an Australian vegan activist who took a vow of silence for an entire year to represent the billions of animals whose voices most people do not hear or choose to ignore. After his silence, he has since been travelling around the country giving speeches to schools, businesses, and other organisations. He is an incredible inspiration for a most important cause.

  9. Outstanding Vegan Restaurant, Kabaret at Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, London, Great food at really good price
    Outstanding Animal Rescue, D.O.G Rescue Cyprus, Dali Cyprus, Run by a few volunteers who struggle everyday to save so many stray and homeless dogs from being pts, Finding homes all across europe, No help or money from the Cypriot government, Real heroes for the strays of Cyprus
    Outstanding Vegan Business, Frys food, Great convenient food
    Outstanding Vegan Creative, Has to be Moby
    Outstanding Vegan Media, Vegan Life Magazine

  10. Outstanding Vegan Business: Just Like Your Mom Catering

    Outstanding Vegan Innovator: Shavt (Leuven, BE) (

    Outstanding Vegan Professional: Just Like Your Mom Catering

    Outstanding Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Organisation: Sense ( Sense is a Belgian student organisation, located in Ghent. Since two years, Sense promotes veganism and animal rights at the University of Ghent. They do that by organising academic as well as recreative activities. Among those are movies, debates and lectures about animal rights, (direct) activism and food-related topics. Besides that, there are regular walks organised with dogs from the asylum, cooking workshops and outreachmoments. There is a campaign running against vivisection at the university.
    Sense tries to work together with other, more experienced organisations. In all their activities, Sense is very eager to have a communication strategy which addresses as much people as possible to create a big public that is ready for veganism at the university.

  11. I nominate Etjen v/d Vliet and Sandra Smit als Vegan Innovators, together with their company Just Like Your Mom in the categorie Outstanding Business, bringing the finest vegan festivalfood to events all over Europe that any kind of eater can enjoy. Also want to mention them in the category Outstanding Intersectional Approach to Veganism. Okay that’s all.

  12. I want to nominate Etjen v/d Vliet and Sandra Smit as Vegan Innovators, together with their company Just Like Your Mom (category Best Business), bringing the finest vegan food that all kinds of eaters can enjoy to festivals and events across Europe. Also want to mention them in the category Outstanding Intersectional Approach to Veganism. Okay that’s all.

  13. I want to nominate Just Like Your Mom catering for outstanding Vegan Business. It’s a catering compagny owned by vegans, they do front and backstage catering at festivals. Like Pukkelpop, Way Out West, … They also made their own vegan chili burger, sold in some retail shops.

  14. Outstanding vegan food blogger – Anja Cass “Cooking with Plants”. Anja has a great style of presenting healthy, tasty vegan food and blogs consistently. Excellent YouTube channel too.

  15. I nominate Honey of Veggie Yum Yums. Here’s the link to her vegan Facebook page which promotes the many benefits of cruelty-free living

  16. I would like to nominate Mrs Honey-Louise Morris in the category ‘Outstanding Vegan Social Media Outreach’. She is a shining example of what being a Vegan is all about!!

  17. for best vegan musician i nominate pat thetic of anti-flag
    for best young vegan i nominate lexi of cruelty free central

  18. I want to nominate:

    Outstanding Vegan Business: Just Like Your Mom Catering
    Outstanding Vegan Professional: Just Like Your Mom Catering

    Food has never been so good at festivals or gatherings

  19. 10 & 11. Holly Feral, editor-in-chief of Driftwood Magazine, a Vegan Travel and Culture periodical. You can find info at

    The magazine was recently published and is in distribution currently. Holly is also a fantastic photographer and started the Vegan Faces photo series.

  20. Holly Feral, the editor-in-chief of the brand new Vegan Travel and Culture Magazine, Driftwood (

    She is also a talented photographer and started the Vegan Faces series online.

  21. Vegan of the year award 2015
    Anja Cass
    Has turned my life around with her vegan recipes. Diverse, healthy & easy to follow. Always willing to assist her fans with and queries.
    Love seeing her here on FB, and Youtube.
    Now to purchase her cookbook! Cant wait…

  22. Ah there are sooo many but here’s a few-

    Vegan tea house – Outstanding Intersectional Approach to Veganism

    Little Green habits – Outstanding Vegan Food Blogger

    Smith and Daughter – Outstanding Vegan Business

    Ruby Fruit – Outstanding Vegan Restaurant

    Likeavegan – Outstanding Vegan Media Outlet

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