The Vegan of the Year Awards 2015: Winners Announced!

The Vegan of the Year Awards: Winners Announced


Welcome to the Vegan of the Year Awards 2015 winners announcement.

A huge congratulations to everyone on the list below.

This year was a really tough one because of the high calibre and large number of nominees. A huge, sincere thank you to everyone who sent in nominations and please know if your nominee was not successful this year, that it was a highly-contested year. The increasing interest in the Awards across all categories is a great sign that veganism is on the rise and spreading to all corners of the globe.

It’s the year for the grassroots activist, as the top award (category one) goes to two people who work non-stop to be a voice for animals and both independently doing so via their own projects and initiative. They have both made a big impact through their dedication to vegan advocacy.

The Vegan of the Year Awards has evolved into being specifically for recognising ethical vegan individuals, businesses and organisations, which is why you might not see your favourite celebrity or YouTubers on the list. As veganism is fast tracking into the mainstream, we want to make a clear distinction between plant-based eating and ethical veganism, awarding the latter for their full commitment to the vegan lifestyle.

All winners are welcome to use the winner’s badge above in whichever way they choose. Many use it in their shop windows, on their websites and on social media pages and in their media pitches. Indeed, your award win is a great reason to contact your local media to increase your profile and that of veganism in general. Certificates will be sent out to all winners in the coming week.

Where there is more than one winner in a category, winners are listed in alphabetical order using their surname.

So, here they are, the Vegan of the Year Award winners for 2015:

1. Vegan of the Year 2015

James Aspey

M Butterflies Katz

2. Young Vegan of the Year 2015

India Taylor

3. Outstanding Vegan Website

4. Outstanding Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Organisation (must have a vegan and no-kill philosophy)

Animals In Need, Little Irchester, U.K.

5. Outstanding Vegan Business

Dobby’s Donuts

Fry’s Family Foods


Prana ON


6. Outstanding Vegan Restaurant


Leafy Greens Cafe (Johannesburg, South Africa)


Mianto (Taiwan)

Bio AtPeace Cafe (Taiwan)


Oops! Via Bergamo 56, Roma (at Corsa Del Italia), Rome, 00198, Italy

Universo Vegano

Oceania (Australia/New Zealand and Islands)

Smith and Deli (Melbourne, Australia)

Earth to Table (Sydney, Australia)

North and South America

Vedge Philadelphia (USA)

7. Outstanding Vegan Athlete

David Carter

Plant Built Team 2015 at the Naturally Fit Super Show

Tim Shieff

8. Outstanding Vegan Innovator

Cruelty Free Shop (for the Vegan Day Out initiative)

Impossible Foods

Kinda Bacon

Goose Wohlt (for aquafaba vegan egg replacer)

9. Outstanding Vegan Volunteer

Angela Banovic

Michelle Bliss

Chelsea Davis

Andrew Einspruch

Andy Faulkner

Jess Ferry and Living Green Festival team

Alex Green

Anna Hall

Phillip Hall

Vanessa Hudson

Michael McNally

Matt Rota

Carol Slater

Vanessa Stanley

Veronica Rios

Corey Thompson

10. Outstanding Vegan Creative

Ellie Bedford and Sabrina Bedford for How To Eat A Rainbow

Nick Cooney for How To Be Great At Doing Good

Holly Feral for Driftwood magazine and Vegan Faces

Katrina Fox for Vegan Ventures

Jack Francisphotography

Jo Frederiks – artist

Malin Frick artist

Delikate Rayne – ethical fashion

Gypsy Wulff and Fran Chambers for Turning Points in Compassion

11. Outstanding Vegan Media Outlet

Barefoot Vegan

Vegan Life magazine (UK)

Veg News magazine (USA)

Main Street Vegan with Victoria Moran on Unity Radio

Vegan Mash Up (TV)

12. Outstanding Vegan Food Blogger

Skye Michael Conroy

One Arab Vegan

13. Outstanding Vegan Social Media Outreach

James Aspey

Intersectional Vegan

Cooking with Plants

Bob Linden

Vegan Publishers

Black Vegan Love

14. Outstanding Vegan Professional

Jonathan Balcombe

Clare Mann

Mariann Sullivan

Colleen Holland

15. Outstanding Intersectional Approach to Veganism

Katrina Fox

Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS)

Vegans of Sydney (Facebook group)

Christopher Sebastian

The Vegan Teahouse

The Personal Vegan Shop

5 thoughts on “The Vegan of the Year Awards 2015: Winners Announced!

  1. My son is a vegen he is so strong I really wish I would have known more about this! He desearves vegen of the year he is just18 now such a strong young man he turely loves what he is and were we live he onley nos one outher vegen and she is my boss its hard not to have any one but f.b and her for sapourt hes name is Brandon Jensen and I’m very very proud of him!

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  3. Not heard about this before. But know about some of the people and winning company’s. I will.keep my eyes peeled for next year. How do I put my products forward for consideration?

    • Thank you for your interest. The best way to keep informed about the awarded for next year is to subscribe to our updates on the blog.

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