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The Vegan of the Year Awards 2016

Hi Cool Vegans!

My sincerest apologies for the long period between posts. Lately, I have been completely consumed by my new project Australian Vegans Journal, a new print and digital magazine focused on ethical vegan leadership. The first volume is available to read online free here.

The main reason for this post is to talk about the Vegan of the Year Awards. About this time each year, I usually do an announcement asking for nominations for a list of categories and an announcement of the winners follows about two months afterwards.

When I started the Awards in 2012, the vegan movement was led by a group of shining stars who were pioneering the way for others. Fast forward to 2016, and it is a much different landscape — great vegans are everywhere! One of the main purposes of the Vegan of the Year Awards was to bring attention to individuals, businesses and organisations who were doing great vegan advocacy work in order to encourage more vegans to do what they do. 

Last year I was overwhelmed by the number of nominations for each category and it started to feel odd not to be recognising everyone, because truly, there are so many great vegans worldwide that should be recognised.

Basically, what I am leading up to is this: my feeling at present about the Vegan of the Year Awards is that all vegan individuals, businesses and organisations who are promoting veganism in a positive, inclusive, loving and intersectional manner, are ALL WINNERS.

Running the Awards as I’ve done in the previous years, at this moment in history, doesn’t feel right and could even be counterproductive. At the moment, my feeling is that collaboration not competition is what we need to be focusing on to progress the movement even further.

With that in mind, if you are an intersectional vegan spreading positive news and information about veganism to the non-vegan community, you are a winner of the Vegan of the Year Awards 2016. Congratulations!

For an introductory article on intersectional veganism, please see Ruby Hamad‘s article on page 44 here (click on the online magazine and skip to pg 44)

I’m fully focused on supporting a vegan movement built on co-operation, collaboration and all round good vibes. May we continue to support each other as we witness veganism around the globe grow stronger in every moment.

Thank you.


Kathy Divine

P.S. Due to my work load at Australian Vegans Journal, there will be fewer posts on here. You are welcome to subscribe on the AVJ page, to check out the interviews and articles we publish in our new vegan magazine.










2 thoughts on “The Vegan of the Year Awards 2016

    • Thanks so much for your support Brandden! I expect there will be a mixed reaction, but truly feel like this is the right thing to do at the moment.

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