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“What The Health” documentary review and Q and A

We were super excited to receive the news that What The Health is being released soon. Being able to watch a preview copy of this amazing film was even more exciting.

This film is as powerful as Cowspiracy and really illustrates and further emphasises the corruption that is rampant among the so-called charitable ‘health’ organizations and big business. Despite having seen most of the vegan documentaries that have been released in the past few years, I learnt new health facts and went away from the film feeling more determined and inspired to keep on going with vegan awareness campaigns and projects. This is definitely the film to show your non-vegan friends and relatives. It will shock and motivate them to make the necessary dietary changes so they can lead healthier, happier lives.

My favourite aspect of the film was the interviews with the doctors, particularly Milton Mills and Garth Davis. It’s both funny and tragic that protein needs to be discussed, but this film certainly lays to rest the myth about protein deficiency and the plant-based diet.

Here is Q and A with Kip Andersen, co-director of What The Health:

Q. What motivated you to look deeper into nutrition and health after focusing on the environmental issues around animal agriculture?

We covered some of the nutritional benefits of a vegan diet in Cowspiracy but I wanted to know more. Like a lot of Americans, I have a family history of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. I heard some troubling things while we were filming Cowspiracy and I decided to investigate further. It seemed logical that similar collusion is taking place within the health and medical industry as it is within the environmental movement. I was blown away by what I learned.

Q: How are What the Health and Cowspiracy similar and how are they different?

It is amazing how similar the two stories are, and the tactics that are used by big business to prevent information from reaching the public. Really, the main difference is how much easier it is to see the money/collusion trail between all of the industries we investigate in What The Health – health organizations, animal agriculture, government, and pharmaceutical industry – whereas Cowspiracy was a bit tougher to crack open.

Another difference is that there are a few more players involved in what we uncovered, with the pharmaceutical industry playing a huge role in profiting from this whole cover-up.

Q: Did you have more trouble gaining access to organizations this time because people were familiar with your work? Were you “recognized?”

Yes we did. Between the huge worldwide success of Cowspiracy, most organizations that are using some sketchy practices are much more leery of doing interviews, especially with us. But, we did get enough footage through various interviews, and going directly into these organizations’ headquarters, to show viewers the obvious disturbing roles everyone is playing.

Q: How and when will people be able to watch What the Health?

We’re releasing the film for a limited time on March 16 as a fundraiser for Food Not Bombs. We’ll make another announcement soon, I promise.

Q: Cowspiracy has inspired two books, The Sustainability Secret and the new The Planet Based Diet cookbook, so will What The Health also be followed by some reading material?

Yes. We are launching the film with a DVD for sale as well as an awesome companion What The Health Cookbook. It’s much more than your average cookbook because it’s also filled with all the facts from the film. These are intended to be powerful tools you can buy for yourself or loved ones who need to know this information, and how to act on it.

Q: How can people support the film?

I would love people to join our Thunderclap campaign to help spread the word through their social media accounts. It’s easy to do and it makes a huge impact, plus it will support our friends at Food Not Bombs. People can watch the film starting March 16, and then support their friends and family by purchasing a download, DVD, and/or cookbook to give to everyone they care about.

(Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn — What The Health directors)

One thought on ““What The Health” documentary review and Q and A

  1. This is absolutely extraordinary – what a wonderful leadership stance in making yet another documentary that will capture the hearts, minds and wallets of people who are tired of corruption and being lied to. Cowspiracy is an extraordinary heart and mind changing documentary and this one will be too. Thanks for interviewing these amazing leaders.

    Clare Mann
    Vegan Psychologist,

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