Vegans are leading the world into a new era of sustainability.

Vegans are making their mark on the fashion world, proving that animal free fashion is cooler than ever.

Vegan athletes prove that plant-based diets are strong and healthy.

Vegans are cool worldwide!

Being vegan is much more than just eating a delicious diet based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and veg protein such as beans and tofu. It is a fabulously healthy and fun lifestyle that also helps solve climate change in the fastest way possible, as it is the diet that treads the lightest on the planet and eliminates more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture.

Many celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone and Joaquin Phoenix have spoken publicly about the awesome benefits of being vegan.

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Go vegan power worldwide!

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Kathy Divine

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10 thoughts on “About

    • icare – I “feel” that there are many elements of COOL with a vegetarian diet, yet for me – things stolen like bee vomit, secretions from the teats of bovid mammary glands and bird periods don’t qualify as “COOL” in my understanding of “COOL” – but it may be possible that I’m crazy one with a twisted definition of “COOL” and has a difficult time with reasoning, logic and reality! 😉

  1. Vegetarians are cool too! I was vegetarian before going vegan. For me it was a necessary first step in the process of eliminating all animal products from my life, including food, cosmetics, shoes, clothes and everything else. Welcome and thanks for your comments. 🙂

  2. Noel is probably THE most inspiring man I have ever met! His discipline, integrity, and passion for fitness and the vegan lifestyle is beyond any I’ve ever seen. He leads many of us and inspires ALL who meet him by precepts AND examples of the vegan lifestyle! My life has forever been changed by Noel!!!

  3. Thank you for putting out a great book and the awards Kathy. I enjoyed reading your book and if I knew sooner about the award I would’ve voted for Noel he is so awesome and he have influenced me to become a vegan athlete as well. Looking forward to the 2013 award!!

  4. The brand new 2013 World Memory Champion is Vegan. Hi name is Jonas von Essen. Details of his memory feats are at worldmemorychampionships.com

  5. Hi Kathy, I really enjoyed attending the launch of your book “Everyday Vegans” in Sydney last night. Although I am not strictly vegan or vegetarian, I do enjoy learning about sustainability and ethical eating, and how to communicate these messages to others through simple, sustainable recipes. I do enjoy the challenge of cooking with plant-based ingredients because it’s all about creativity and maximising the natural flavours of delicious fruit, veg, herbs and spices. Thanks for the cool insight into Ethical Veganism and what it means to promote peace through Veganism. You’ve got me intrigued. Happy blogging and keep smiling – Brendon 🙂

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