Plant-powered Men front coverPlant-powered Men is a collection of interviews and essays by men from around the world who are passionate about living a plant-powered lifestyle.

This book is for anyone who wants to increase their strength, endurance, performance and energy. If you are interested in getting the edge in fitness training and competition or simply having greater health and energy to enjoy life, Plant-powered Men will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals and highest potential.

This book is written by men for men. It is full of examples of strong, healthy men who are absolutely thriving on a plant-powered diet, the way nature intended.

“Being a vegan in a non-vegan world can be especially challenging for men. Plant-Powered Men is packed with valuable and liberating information and life-stories directly from vegan men and it really packs a wallop! Inner peace, radiant health, greater self-confidence and self-esteem: this book is an empowering treasure for all men everywhere.”

Will Tuttle, Ph.D, author of the acclaimed best-seller, The World Peace Diet, is a pianist,    composer, Dharma Master in the Zen tradition, recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award, and joyful vegan since 1980.

Introducing the Plant-powered Men!

Chapter 1 The Athletes, Powerlifters and Fitness-focused Men

David Rafter


David Rafter

“Get stuck into your fruit, especially bananas and berries such as strawberries and blueberries. They are high in fibre and chock-full of magnesium and potassium to give you that energy boost.” (pg 6)

Richard Watts    


Richard Watts

“I would also say that the more animal products you consume, the worse it will be for your health, especially those that are known to contribute to cancer and heart disease. Exclusion of animal products does nothing to harm you. Veganism is certainly not dangerous to your health.” (pp 14-15)

John Lewis


John Lewis

“There are many benefits to being a vegan but the major benefit for me is being an athlete and being able to train extra hard and having a speedy recovery time to train just as hard the next day. It’s also a great benefit just to be able to know that along with my training, if I eat plant-based fuel I will be able to avoid many diseases that plague so many individuals.” (pg 17)

Dan Schulz  


Dan Schulz

“Guys – impotence, bad breath, bad skin, heart disease, arthritis, flatulence, obesity and animal torture are not sexy or macho. If for no other reason than being more attractive, start discovering delicious plant-based foods.” (pg 24)

Brandden Lassells


BranddenOnce you educate yourself about all of the benefits and reasons for leading a vegan lifestyle there can be little choice but that the vegan lifestyle is the way we are meant to live. Get past all the myths about protein and especially the need for dairy.” (pg 26)

Ryan McKeough 


ryan1I’m someone who really weighs logic and fact when making a decision. I wouldn’t be vegan if it weren’t shown to be a perfectly healthy diet with scientific research and organisations supporting that fact.” (pp 28-29)

Jeff Sekerak    


jeff 7“I’ve definitely noticed a far greater mental acuity, sharpness, even creativity since adopting the vegan diet. I’d never go back, to any other lifestyle. Not for any amount of money in the world.” (pg 36)

        Ralf Behn           


Ralf166“…find a mentor, a trainer, a coach or good friend(s) to make the transition successfully and permanently. Read and attend seminars, talks and watch documentaries until the penny drops.” (pp 44-45)

 Roland Lundberg


Roland - Vegan Man Album

“Male classical beauty is a lean, muscular body. Look at the physique of an active, vegan male – it is beautiful, lean, strong and agile. A diet high in animal products yields a feminine quality to the male body with higher body fat levels. It also makes your body smell foul. It robs you of vitality. It inhibits high performance (including sexual performance).” (pg 47)

  Arthur Pamboukhtchian


Just listen to your body. We are all different. If you feel you are hungry, eat. You will start feeling which types of vegan food are right for you. You will digest it properly, it will give you energy. You will then know that that is the food for you.” (pg 50)

      Chapter 2 The Pioneers

              Andrew Knight      


Andrew KNight“…we seek to demonstrate that the vegan lifestyle is not some kind of grim and joyless existence, dominated by self-denial. Instead, we seek to demonstrate that being vegan can be fun. A hell of a lot of fun, in fact.” (pg 56)

Mesfin Hailemariam  


Mesfin in shirt“The greatest benefit of being vegan for me is the satisfaction of living a wholesome life. Not financially or in any other way but by living in a guilt free and harmonious way.” (pg 65)

Jeremy Johnson



“There is nothing manly or tough about a meat-based diet. A real man is one that knows his own mind and makes his own decisions, rather than just following convention and doing what everyone else does.” (pg 71)

 Alex Tan

Alex Tan“I’m not the type of person to ever preach to people. I think everyone needs to make their own decisions, but I just try to be an example more than anything. From effortless weight loss to clear skin, off-the-chart energy, and smooth digestion – that’s all me on a plant-based diet!” (pg 74)

Chapter 3 The Young Achievers

Luke Duncan


luke 2

“The vegan lifestyle has helped me to discover my health and vitality. Along with that, my confidence has grown tremendously and I have a very strong sense of self.” (pg 79)

Ryan Mays


Ryan Mays“Since I’ve transitioned to an entirely plant-based diet, I’ve gained more strength than ever before, and my endurance has likewise greatly increased.” (pg 84) 

Chapter 4 The Scientists and Academics

Michael Greger M.D.


Michael Greger“The three leading causes of disability in the United States are arthritis, heart disease, and lower back pain, which all may be prevented, treated and in some cases even reversed with a healthy plant-based diet.” (pp 88-89)

Jonathan Balcombe  


Jonathan Balcombe

“In my case, the decision to go vegetarian, and eventually vegan, was never a medical one. I did it for the animals. If there were no other reason than the suffering and untimely death of some 60 billion land animals (and greater numbers of fishes) killed for human consumption each year, I would be as committed as a fastidious bunny-rabbit to shunning meat. On the flip side, the health, environmental and socio-economic benefits of vegetarianism are so compelling that even if meat without suffering was possible, I would remain a dedicated herbivore.” (pg 97)

Henrique Thadeu


Henrique Thadeu

Usually men get afraid of losing muscles and getting weak when switching to a vegetarian diet. The advice is simple: don’t be afraid, you won’t lose muscles nor get weak.” (pg 101)

Chapter 5 Plant-powered from Birth

Rajnish Dave  



One of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me was never introducing me to animal-based foods in my diet. I have never eaten meat, eggs or fish in my life…I can’t imagine a different life for myself and I am proud to be a vegan. For my friends who try to be vegan I love to extend a supporting hand. I always tell them it is very easy to be a vegan. My approach is to share and teach and not to judge or preach.” (pg 107)

                                                       Yash Sidhu


Yash 2

“Anyone out there who is thinking of switching over to a vegan lifestyle, I would like to tell you that instead of thinking, go for the change. You will feel fitter and healthier not only physically but also spiritually. You will feel lighter than ever and knowing that just by changing your lifestyle you are saving so many lives, I am sure every time you eat a vegan meal you will eat with a smile.” (pg 111)

Chapter 6 The Teachers

Keith Allison


Keith Allison“I enjoy making and eating many different kinds of foods. You can’t top the smell or the taste of homemade bread baking in the oven. Fresh fruit is so simple but the tastes can be simply amazing when you stop to enjoy fresh peaches, mangoes, kiwis, strawberries, or pineapples.” (pg 116)

 Scott Garant


Scott Garant“I am an environmental vegan. Teaching the Ontario science curriculum, which has a strong pro-environment focus, to students in grades seven and eight has me doing a lot of research to make sure I make my lessons current. In doing the research, I became more and more aware of the damage that factory farming is doing to our environment.” (pg 118)

Jeff Melton  


Jeff Melton“It’s cool that I’m not only doing right by animals and the environment, but doing the best thing for my own health and longevity as well. We vegans are having our cake and eating it too!” (pg 121)

Talib Ali


ALI- Talib

“I was initially concerned with the fact that the men on my mother’s side of the family all died of lifestyle-related illnesses. I knew that for me to break this family curse, I had to make a revolutionary change in my eating habits. I excluded all meats from my diet at first. Later I decided to cut out all animal products, believing that that is even more superior to consuming dairy and eggs.” (pg 124)

Chapter 7 The Creatives



IFEEL high res

“I love animals. I was vegetarian for about eight years before I decided to go vegan. I believe that animals are not on this planet for us to use. Besides that, we have so many healthy and delicious things to eat nowadays so I really see no reason for me to eat dead animal bodies and their secretions. We can live well without torturing and butchering animals for food.” (pg 129)

  Nathan Burling  



“The health benefits are great along with the diversity of food. I also love meeting other vegans and visiting new vegan businesses. There is such a sense of instant friendship when you meet another vegan; it’s a brother and sisterhood.” (pp 136-7)

Andrew Einspruch  


andrew einspruich with cow

“If you want to live a non-violent life, then eating animal products is simply inconsistent. Veganism is part of walking that path with integrity.” (pg. 141)

Brenton Edgecombe


aa Vegan Smythe

“For me the main benefit is the release from inner turmoil. I believe that all people who eat animals are constantly shielding themselves from the moral discomfort of doing so and it’s quite a strain on the subconscious. My evidence for this is the rapidness with which people defend a meat-eating life whenever they find out I’m vegan: “We’ve been doing it for thousands of years”, “We’ve got canine teeth”, “I have to eat meat – I’m Irish” (I’m not joking someone actually said this to me). People have these justifications so close to the front of their mind that they can spout them out quicker than they’d remember their brother’s middle name.” (pg 146)

 Shane Jordan


Shane1The key thing for me is my health. When I switched to a dairy substitute I felt better internally. My skin felt better, I had more energy and I felt lighter. Of course, you can gain weight eating any type of diet, but the key thing is eating as healthy as you can.” (pg 150)

 Phivo Christodoulou


Phivo 4“The deeper I delved and the more time I spent in the company of new friends that happened to be vegan, the more I learned about myself and I felt the urge to practise the love for animals that I preach.” (pg 153)

Simon Watts


Simon 2“Have the courage and conviction to go vegan and stand up for what you believe in. Be a protector of the vulnerable. Be the kind and compassionate change you want to see in the world.” (pg 156)

Chapter 8 Plant-powered for the Animals

Ronny Prasad


Ronny Prasad

Becoming a vegan is more psychological than it is anything else (in my opinion). Working in the field of human behaviour, I have found that we make things as hard as we want, or we make things as easy as we want. If you are considering becoming a vegan, and you think that it will be very hard, guess what? You will be right! If you think that it will be a smooth transition, then you will make it a smooth transition.” (pg 160)

Gary Smith


Gary Smith

“The single greatest benefit for me is to feel like I have found meaning in my life. I feel like I awoke from a life where I was powerless and without any real direction toward making the world a more just place. Fighting for the rights of animals to be considered moral entities, fighting to end the violence and injustice they experience, doing meaningful work with our business to expose and educate the media and the greater public about these issues brings me deep satisfaction.” (pg 166)

   Leslie Jon Heldzingen  


Leslie 1

“I recommend green smoothies every morning (don’t forget to rotate your greens), they give me a better burn at the gym (overlook the irony of it). Leafy greens, fruits, nuts, legumes and grains have proteins, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals that have a direct relationship with our bodies for all-round nutrition and health. You will then understand that a healthy vegan diet is the ultimate human diet.” (pg 170)

Josh Neimark


josh 3

“The time to debate the long-standing arguments for or against a lifestyle that is compassionate to all creatures is over. We know how to make a difference, to improve our relationship and synergy within the whole. Time to man up!” (pg 172)

  David Smugar    



Just do it. Your manhood will not suffer. On the contrary, you will become more attractive as well as more aware. Oh, and women are intrigued in a good way by a conscientious and sensitive man. Just ask them, and they’ll most likely agree.” (pg 174)

 Tim Moore


Tim Moore

“For me, veganism is part of an ethical framework that shapes how I see the world. I like to read books and articles by great vegan thinkers to help me see the practice in its larger context.” (pg 176)

Plant-powered Men

Copyright 2013 Kathy Divine

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ISBN-13: 978-1484871508

LCCN: 2013909161

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