The Book


Vegans Are Cool: A delicious collection of essays, interviews and articles by cool vegans from around the planet has launched!

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The book is a collection of writings by the global vegan community. This collaborative project showcases the knowledge, creativity and heart of individuals from a diversity of races, cultures and backgrounds who share one thing in common: they are all living the healthy, environmentally friendly vegan lifestyle.

Vegans Are Cool shatters many myths surrounding the vegan lifestyle and presents a realistic picture of what life is like living the vegan way.

Vegans Are Cool covers the following topics:

* What does being “vegan” actually mean?

* From Carnivore to Vegan – a how-to guide

* Questions about iron, B12, protein and vegan nutrition answered

* Being a Vegan Man

* Interviews with vegan veterinarians

* Articles by vegan naturopaths

* Cruelty Free Fashion – Vegan Fashion Essentials

* Interviews with vegan children and vegan teenagers and vegan parents

* Vegan athletes  give their top fitness tips

* Vegan scientists talk about the connection between the environment and our food choices

* Weight loss and the vegan diet

* Vegan recipes

…plus much more! 

This is the book to give someone with all the usual questions about going vegan successfully. This is the vegan how-to guide that you can share with your friends and family to show them that going vegan is the way to go!

Vegans Are Cool is available to buy from online bookstores such as

Also available from

If you would like to share the book with your community, consider asking your local library to order a copy. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Another way to help spread the word about Vegans Are Cool is by writing a review about it on Thank you!

Retail outlets selling Vegans Are Cool

Taste Organic

25 Falcon St Crows Nest

02 9437 5933

Sydney Colon Health Clinic

50 Nicholson St  St Leonards

02 9906 2288

For a sneak peek look at the book, see the latest post here.


Review on T.O.F.U magazine’s blog

Interview with Vegan World Radio 

Check out the review from Jasmin Singer from Our Hen House.

Check out the interview I did with Leigh-chantelle from Viva la Vegan!

I was also interviewed for the first issue of Living Vegan magazine.


228 pages

ISBN: 9781491292013

Copyright © 2013 Kathy Divine


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Watch this space! Updates about the book posted regularly.

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